I hated this trail. I did the year round loop. The views are pretty, but the area surrounding is mostly flat and farmland. The brief window we were in tree cover, we saw a doe and two fawns, so that was neat for my 2 year old on my back.
It is almost entirely completely unshaded. There is a small area on the backside of the hill that is forested, then it's wide open. so bring sun block and water, even though it's pretty short. the beginning of the trail is well maintained gravel. not ideal, but not bad. It then turns into grassland. Which would be fine, except they've clearly gone through in muddy times with a truck or tractor and carved tire tracks, which then have grass over them. I had a recent ankle injury and had to go so slow because I kept almost rolling my ankles over. Even my uninjured ankle almost took a dive more than once. It wasnt always clear where the tread marks were and the whole thing was a bit treacherous. I found the last 2/3 of this loop to be so entirely unpleasant.