My Mom and I love this trail due to the location and go several times during the year. Parts of the trail are closed throughout the year so definitely a late spring through summer is when you should go.

Fun hike in an Oak Savanna forest. We saw an eagle on a snag, newts, deer sign, mushrooms, and lots of other birds while we were there. Great photo opportunities.

It's steep at the beginning, but kids could do it. The trail is not flat and can get muddy.

They have a pit toilet, but it's usually dirty as it's close to highway 22.

Beautiful area that allows for some incredible views of the local farmland as well as hills and mountains beyond. Many Canadian Geese around the lake, also. Good hike for beginners, but enjoyable for all.

good kids love it

Warning: if your allergic to poison oak this is not a good hike. There is poison oak everywhere. A very simple and relaxing walk otherwise.

The beginning and the end of hike was not to great felt like I was going threw a farmers field. but the middle of it was nice ..but watch out for poison oak.

Hike was ok.... but got swarmed by mosquitos had to turn around 45 min in and I have well over a hundred bites on arms alone. Do not go without bug spray. I have never see anything like it.

Had a wonderful time! This was such a beautiful hike. I wouldn't say this was an easy hike I would say a little more towards Moderate. Got lost a couple of times but the while thing was worth it. Did almost 6 miles. Would so love to go again. The maps they provide are a little confusing which is why we got lost a couple of times but it was well worth it. Would most defiantly go back!

nice park , really liked the sunset

Nice walk with a few people there. No way to get lost and get to enjoy the view. Kid friendly.

I always make a point to stop in and take in the view on the way to the coast! It's a good place to stretch the legs and take in the nature :)

It was nice to walk a water bridge trail. Lots of water.

Pretty easy trail with great hillside, barn and vineyard views. Bugs were a bit thick the first mile but after the tall grass by the pond they cleared out. Not many people and a perfect place for a morning or sunset stroll. Make sure you look up a map or directions first so you know where to park.

My hike here was disastrous here for me and my ex last summer. The first half is great, but the 2nd half was dreadful. Admittedly, we didn't have a map or compass, but we figured it'd be strait forward.

If you go here, go on the trail and just come back when it turns into farmland. It was hot, and there were flying misquotes and a variety of bugs along the "trail" and we ended up walking 6 miles around the park back to my car. Don't plan on going back, but on the flipside it would be much more enjoyable if you knew the trail already, had directions, and are interested in birding. This apparently is a well known bird watching area (the trail head marker even gave some info on the types of birds I believe).