Simple and to the point. Beautiful view from the lookout. Our 4 year old walked the whole thing fine. 2 year old needed a little help but it's otherwise very family friendly. Trail Running is not accurate. No Jogging is allowed. Signs there explain why.

3 months ago

So glad I chose this as an alternative hike this morning. I can't wait to watch this area change with the seasons!

A beautiful trail for a short hike or a long walk! We saw a bald eagle and lots of little snakes. The trail is not open currently but it still heavily trafficked.

Gorgeous views and serene location! Part of the hike is closed (per a sign) from October 1 to March due to preserving the wildlife. Get ready to treck in the mud and be prepared to get a little wet and dirty. Part of the hike (further down towards the lake) is pretty sunken in, but more inward, mud was not a problem. Breathtaking views during the open view part of the hike and amazing forest-like feels from the enclosed part of the hike.

5 months ago

Would often hike this when I lived in Salem and Amity.

6 months ago

An awesome view filled loop to walk. I only wish there was a warning about all the poison oak growing along the trail. Fortunately a fellow hiker warned me about it and another hiker on the trail actually pointed out what the poison oak looks like.

good solo hike. the north end was not well marked. i went around mt baldy then east. came back along grass field back to parking lot.

This shirt out and back provided some gorgeous views!

The views were phenomenal and we saw some great wildlife while we were out today. It also had some decent climbs. The paths were not well maintained out near the lake and around the backside of Mt. Baldy. The path was also not marked and made it difficult to determine what the path was and what was a fire break or other paths.

This was a good hike that took me just under two hours (with lots of stopping for photos). The Osprey that live around Morgan Lake were beautiful and out in full force. I saw a few people while on the trail, but I was mostly walking alone and thought it was very peaceful.

Naked hiking:
What a great day, better than expected warm and sunny.
When I arrived at the Baskett parking lot the lot was full of cars. Meaning lots of people out walking around enjoying the day.
We saw 3 groups’ hikers heading at the trailhead. Soon realized they were all going to the observation area. After passing the observation area trail we had the wildlife refuge to ourselves, we quickly felt comfortable to hike naked. The afternoon was warm and the sun felt great, after such a cold wet spring.
If felt liberating to be in a nature reserve wearing your skin, no petroleum based textiles except for our backs and shoes. If you believe we were created or in evolution, ether way the human body is a wonderful mix form and function it feels a shame to have to cover yourself, especially among such natural beauty.
The trails were all double track passing through fields and trees on the hill sides. The grassy fields allowed us the see the textiled hike along ways off, we had no problems being spotted and had plenty of time to slip on our shorts. During the hike we only past two groups a couple and a family of four. Towards the end of the hike we took a left which should have been a right and wandered off the trail. Simply remedied by walk across a field of waist high grass and back on the trail.
We walk naked over 3 miles in 2 hours we even got a little red. This was a great adventure, very enjoyable.

No pets allowed.

on Baskett Bluff Loop

trail running
Thursday, February 16, 2017

Easy trail running but we love it. It's beautiful out there you just have to stop and enjoy the scenery!

Great place to see tons of different birds. The trailhead area was swarmed with wasps, avoid covered informational area. Perfect family stroll to the outlook & back.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lots of snow still, makes the trees beautiful! Some parts were extra soupy but kids were fine. Had to move some limbs out of the way because had a baby on backpack. Saw bald eagle and deer. Kids liked it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

This leads to a different trail.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Very easy hike with the kids but still gets the muscles going. Took our five year old and front carried our 6 month old. During winter/snow it is pretty slippery but doable in sneakers, just be more cautious. Extremely beautiful views which make it all worth while. Lots of people we saw on the trail had their professional cameras out on tripods.

My Mom and I love this trail due to the location and go several times during the year. Parts of the trail are closed throughout the year so definitely a late spring through summer is when you should go.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Beautiful day for a family hike.

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