Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge is located in the fertile Willamette Valley of northwestern Oregon . The Refuge is situated in open farmland near the confluence of the Santiam and Willamette rivers in the middle of the broad Willamette Valley . Elevations range between 180 to 290 feet msl. The Willamette Valley , with its mild, rainy winter climate, is an ideal environment for wintering waterfowl. The Refuge consists of 1,765 acres of cropland, which provide forage for wintering geese, 600 acres of riparian forests, and 500 acres of shallow water seasonal wetlands As with the other refuges within the Willamette Valley National Wildlife Complex, the primary management goal of Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge is to provide high quality wintering habitat for geese, especially the dusky Canada goose , to ensure healthy, viable goose populations while minimizing goose browse damage to crops on private agricultural lands. Ankeny NWR also provides habitat for a wide variety of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Wildlife/wildlands observation, photography, hiking, and environmental education and interpretation are the major public use activities allowed on the Refuge. Habitat improvement and restoration are essential for the continued survival of wildlife populations in the Willamette Valley . If you are interested in restoring your lands to native habitat, such as wetlands, prairies, grasslands or upland oak/savannas, please click on the following link " Partnership for Fish and Wildlife " for further information. Hours: Sunrise to sunset

Out for a comfortable stroll, well maintained easy and interesting. lots of beaver sign, gnawed trees etc. quick and relaxing

the grass after the boardwalk was very high, but what a lively walk! herons, ducks, and lots of frogs, drgaonflys, red winged black birds and even an owl... will do again!

so peaceful and beautiful loved this hike yeah the grass was kinda high but hay it's nature loved it

This is such a pretty Wetlands walk. My 3 year old and I did this path easily, as it’s very short. We loved the observation blind and saw plenty of birds and ducks. We’ll be back.

This is an easy hike, and a fun one for families. Bring binoculars to watch the birds.

It’s an easy 1.4 mile hike definitely recommend, I took my 6 year old and he loved it.

Most of the path is on a bridge, which is beautiful and then it ends in a little field that goes around the water. Lots of ducks and wild life. No dogs allowed though. love it

trail was great and well maintained. we enjoyed the views of the wildlife and water. beautiful and we plan on coming again

Nice easy walk down a nice trail and bridge. The blind is good to watch herons and other birds I observed.

great easy walk. good for kids

It’s a neat boardwalk that goes over the water.

I enjoy the quiet and easy walk of this place. It is pretty any time of the year.

nice hike to show the kids the marsh land.

nice little walk for the family

My husband and I had a lovely walk today. It was quite easy and perfect for strollers, kids, and older folks like myself. It was very pretty and educational. Definitely bring your deet! There were lots of bugs and skeeters, but it IS a marsh. Enjoy.

Its just not for me. Half of the trail is a wood plank path over the marshes with chicken wire laid down for traction. The wire is wearing out and sticks out random sharp edges for you to get caught on. The other half of the trail is a path with dried hay cut down to ankle height for you to make your way through.
If this was better maintained, this could be a nice place to spend 15 minutes or so, but that's about it.

Not a well maintained trail. Didn't like walking through the grass as tall as me.

Brought our 2 1/2 year old. He had fun and it was easy enough for him to walk all the way around. Fun walk with lots to see and hear.

A beautiful and easy walk in the woods.

Really beautiful and peaceful. I took my 7 year old but I think I'd like to come back alone and just soak in the scenery and birdsong.

Friday, May 05, 2017

Nice little stroll. Saw lots of wildlife and used it as an educational opportunity for my 4 year old.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Correction: no trail running. Hiking is a stretch, it's actually a walking environment. I took a picture of a sign at the beginning of the trail (located in the image section) that literally says, no running. It's understandable because it's a conservatory established by the Audubon society and many bird watchers come here. It might be nice to provide a more accurate description, seeing as I came here specifically to run. A bit disappointing. Fun for a possibly leisurely stroll with grandma, or finicky children.

Easy hike with little ones. Park of the trail was closed for season in mid march. Was about 1.50miles on the bridge with littles.

Monday, January 30, 2017

This was amazing

The boardwalk trail is phenomenal and gorgeous! Parts will flood at high waters, please use common sense during these times.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

beautiful easy walk on the boardwalk.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

this is listed as a loop trail, but half of the loop is on mowed down grass where it almost feels like trespassing. The grassy part is not very stroller friendly for parents. The grassy part is closed for several months starting October 1. It's a nice short kid friendly boardwalk if your looking for a there and back. I look forward to going back at a different season. The kids love it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Great walk for kids!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Great spot!

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