Great trails for hiking. We took a few detours and ended up with a 7.5 mike trek. Only complaint, too many dogs off leash!

Read Shawna Jepson's review! Cute area, easy hike. My 2 yr old did most of it with help in some spots.

Nice trail but slippery at the actual falls! Google maps is not correct! But once we found the parking lot the trail was pretty and the falls were fun to take pictures by!

Fun and easy. Good for families.

Didn't really enjoy this hike as much as others. The trail markers are hard to follow and i wasn't able to get to the second Falls. I am directionally challenged so I am sure a reasonable person could find it but I didn't want to get more lost then I was already. Beautiful hike in what I did experience though.

It is definitely more of a family spot. There isn't much of a hike, you basically just arrive and people lay out near the water. We ventured out down the rocks and ended up because a little over two miles out and back but it was super underwhelming. Probably won't return, potentially to camp but that's about it.

Nice short hike, old forest and opportunities for bathing. Read the instructions of where to go to avoid getting lost around the camp ground (e.g. keep right).

easy enough to take 2yr old on :) he had fun

Great hike. Better trail signage needed from main parking lot from Alsea Falls to Green Peak Falls. But very beautiful. Trails very clean.

Beautiful falls and a lovely trail

Great hike beautiful waterfalls and scenery

very scenic and not a lot of traffic midweek

Great hike, a bit muddy and some poison oak right along the trail. Green Peak Falls is definitely a must do. Very beautiful falls.

perfect hike for the family.....took both kids and they made it all the way

If you're using Google Maps, it takes you to the right area--disregard after it tells you to turn left off the cliff onto Glenbrook Rd, (which you pass and is a driveway, not a road) continue a mile or two. Alsea Falls is a few miles passed the mountain bike area (left side) 1000 feet to the right. You literally park and walk 50 feet and you're there. However, walk across the bridge, turn left follow the trail to Green Peak Falls. There are no signs so make note: the trail turns into a gravel road at a decline (3/4 mile into hike). To the left and over the bridge-thing there's a parking lot. Don't go that way! Follow the path around a bend to the right. There's a sign, which you can't read until you're standing next to it, propped against the bottom of a tree. The trail to Green Peaks starts there. Quick hike, gorgeous, and ropes tied to the trees near the Falls of you want to climb up to the top (maybe 20 ft.).

Brought the dog, everyone was friendly. Multiple dogs off leash--mine was for a lot of the run.

Also, if you do turn left and go over the bridge, there's a road across the street (to the right a bit) which takes you on a nice hike, no falls, just peace and quiet!!

Went to Alsea Falls and while cool to take photos around it's not really a hike. You park in the parking lot and then there it is. Never made to Green Peak but I will be going back since I read about how it's worth it. Gotta see it now!

Went on the Green Peak Falls trail based on the positive feedback on this page, nice trail however would not recommend for smaller children. We hiked with our 3-year-old daughter and it was certainly challenging taking sharp, steep switchbacks and crawling over fallen logs. Older children should have fewer problems. Watch out for narrow trails with drop-offs. Dog did great and enjoyed the hiking, people practice good dog etiquette here.

Definitely make the trek to Green Peak Falls- there are some "homemade" signs to guide the way. Lovely fall colors and beautiful falls!

It took a little work to find the right trail to Green Peak Falls. It was worth the work.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

We were hopeful when we got there, it looked like a pretty sweet hike. But the trail was confusing and it was muggy and smelt horrible when you got close to the water. We didnt even finish the hike.

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