Beautiful hike along the Rogue River from Woodruff Bridge to Natural Bridge. Very easy hike with lots of awesome views of the river! We did the round trip - 7 miles total.

the directions to here were horrible!! the road was completely blocked! we decided to just park in the open space and hike on the old road. never got to the start of the trail but did get too the rogue river. if you could find the correct way to get there, maybe it is an awesome hike. but it didn't work for us. i only give it 2 stars because the rogue river was beautiful, otherwise 1 star only because of the horrible gps not being updated.

Ended up swimming across the Rogue because the trail went nowhere.

Beautiful but not really all that well maintained. The natural bridge is a must see. More of an easy to moderate.

The Natural Bridge part of the trail is spectacular. Beautiful river views and scenery, even in the fall. We continued on the Upper Rogue River Trail at the intersecting path and this part of the trail was not very well maintained. It was difficult to keep track of the trail from all the new growth. At one part, the trail actually crosses thru the river (the kids liked that) and continues on to the Gorge. On our way back, at the Natural Bridge and Upper Rogue River Trails intersection, instead of going back the way we started at the Natural Bridge, we took a left and crossed the foot bridge to the campground trail that looped around to the parking area. It was a nice hike for the most part.