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Temperatures were low and winds high but we enjoyed the hike. We didn't follow the trail as marked n hiked along the stream instead.

So if you stop at the visitor center, they can point out Narrows Trail. However, it is likely they will not point out Boulder Mountain. Leaving the Visitor Center, turn right. Once you get to the stop sign, turn right again. Head on that road until you see the sign for Lost Lake and follow that road. None of the trails are labeled. On the left side of the road, you will see Boulder Picnic Area (it was gated when we went). The sign outside will say reservation only. You can’t park there, but if you drive like .1 miles, there is an area that you can park on the side of the road. Anyways, you will see the Boulder Shelter (for us, behind the gate), and the trail starts right behind it. Everywhere I looked said different lengths for the trails. Some said about a mile round trip, up to 1.5 miles round trip. Don’t underestimate this. Only probably .2 of the trail is a trail, the rest is Boulder climbing. When you start the trail, take the first right. If it forks again, stay right. Cross over the creek. Once you get to the other side, follow the river until you see a trail breaking off to the right. After that, you will see the Boulders that you are going to climb. We didn’t see anyone else on the trail while we were up there, so it is known for solitude. Once you make your way up the boulders, you will be able to see pretty far out. You will get to see a small river, as well as land for a few miles. It was an awesome hike. Definitely wear hiking boots, long pants, and long sleeved shirts. Otherwise, you will get torn to pieces by thorn bushes. Warning: Coming back down is much harder than coming back up. Try to remember the route you took up. (We didn’t). It took us about 2 hours to complete, but we stopped a lot and enjoyed the area.

Good hike, I couldn’t have stayed on the trail if I hadn’t had the app, best trail yet

Makes for a great day adventure. Wonderful Canyon views A long with plenty of bodies of water to explore. Bring your camera

Easy to follow once you’re in. Once you get to the rocky portion HARD to follow just kinda made our own way around. Very beautiful scenery.

Some of the prettiest landscapes in the Refuge. Boulder hopping kinda hard in the knees but well worth it.

Love this trail, some seriously boulders at the end toward the peak. Would not recommend bringing a small dog if you plan on finishing lol

One of my favorite parks and trails! 10/10 would recommend, dog friendly and the wildlife is incredible. Easy trail with insane views and worth the memories.

Great hike, short, but fun. Cool seeing the old tower at the top.

It's an overall easy trail but there is not always a clearly defined path so try not to get lost. We never made the full circle and had to just turn around a little ways after crossing the creek because the path just disappeared.

2 months ago

Good little hike ,easy. Seen a bunch of deer an beaver.

Nice and Quiet, beautiful!!

Easy hike, short hike. We took our baby in our hiking backpack with us. Great views and the castle at the top was fun.

This was an amazing trail. We got there around 3 and it was beautiful. We saw a lot of wildlife including bison antelope a fox or bobcat and longhorn. We had fun navigating around the trail and rocks. The views looking down into the Narrows are amazing. We only saw one other couple hiking out so we had it to ourselves which is always cool.

Beautiful scenery, especially as you near the summit of “Boulder Mountain” (aka Eagle Mountain). But be ready for some obstacles. There’s a river that you must cross toward the first part of the hike, which will be running pretty rapidly if rain has been in the area at any recent point. We ended up taking off our hiking boots and wading across barefoot, because there was no clear path otherwise.

Once you’ve successfully crossed, you can pretty easily spot where the trail picks up just on the other side of the river. This is where the trees divide and you can begin your ascent. Shortly after you start making your way through the trees, you will come to boulders which you will eventually be forced to start hopping up. Lots of fun if you enjoy bouldering, though you will likely lose sight of the actual trail, and have to wing it most of your way.

Definitely recommend if you’re up for a new and different type of adventure. And the views from above are amazing!

3 months ago

Easy hike, good for kids. The signs are a little sketchy.

This was a perfect first-time hike for our family of 5. We took a 9, 5, and 2 year old. Took us about an hour, with off-and-on carrying of the 2 year old.
The kids loved getting to see the "castle."

This trail was great! We found it easy to maneuver through! However, I can see how it would be difficult for others! Just be prepared to climb over and hop to boulders!

I believe the actual Parallel Forest trail is only 0.28 miles out-and-back but there's other options of exploring around the forest. I walked around here in October and really enjoyed this trail. The trees definitely give it an eerie feeling.

Ended up walking along Cedar Creek where I found the odd rock formation that is rumored to be a satanic altar. Right by that was an opening down to the creek with very nice views of the fast flowing creek over rocks.

If you're visiting the Wichita Mountains, I would highly recommend making this stop.

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