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If you start from the south on Kite Trail, the path was hard to find and follow. Coming back from the north was easier. We brought our dogs (lab and chihuahua) and they loved it. Watch out for snakes though.

Nice trail. Good for kids. There is a nice creek and waterfall. Great for learning about birds, lizards and wildflowers. You could even go fishing. There is a picnic area at the trail head, too. If there was a restroom I'd give it a fifth star.

10 days ago

18 days ago

I went in to the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge not expecting much. The park was quiet, clean and the staff at the visitor center was extremely friendly. The Narrows Trail or "The Narrows" as the park calls it, is a little hard to find. Angela, the nice German lady at the visitor center, pointed out exactly where to find it.

The trail begins behind a cabin, and winds its way down to the creek before boulder mountain. The creek was low enough that I could cross without getting my feet wet. I climbed up the right side of Boulder Mountain, when you cross the creek. It took about an hour and a half to get to the top. I was unfortunately not able to travel to the back of the mountain because of the tough path I took up. There's no great way to climb up the mountain.

Overall, it was an enjoyable hike and climb. Shockingly, I was the ONLY person hiking. It was nice to have the mountain to myself :).

1 month ago

Easy trail with lots of variety. can bring confident small children, i did see that. Great for a trail run.

1 month ago

Fun, beautiful, and challenging trail. Took two novices 4.5 hours to complete including some breaks and photo stops. Ran into several snakes including a rattler and a couple longhorn and buffalo on the trail. Weather was sunny and low 70's. Our pint of water each barely made the 8 miles.

1 month ago

This is actually 2 trails, the Kite Trail and the Buffalo Trail. The Kite Trail is a 1.5 mile through hike. The Buffalo Trail is an 8.0 mile loop. These two trails are separated by a stream that can block travel between the two if the water is high. The trail map located on here cuts off half of the kite trail, leading into the Buffalo Trail. This was very confusing the first time I started my hike.

The scenery is absolutely gorgeous. Make sure when you go you take a camera that can hold lots of pictures. I was fortunate enough to hike on a day that the water was overflowing the dam at Lost Lake. This made for an amazing scenery while I ate lunch.

The hike itself has patches of plains with no major terrain as well as some more moderate with boulders and stream crossing. I had packed 3L of water. By the time I was able to cross the stream and start the Buffalo trail I was down to half of my water supply. This made me cut my hike short.

Over all the area is a good place for a day hike. As I have said before these are two trails and are longer than what is posted on here.

Did this with my 2 year old...not excited about the stream crossing (with said 2 yo) but if you turn around there, it's fun for rock scrambling...

The trail is steep in places. It is beautiful at the top. You can stay on the flatter part and go all the way to the west side of mtn then when the mtn starts sloping down again you can get to the apple and the pear on the west side of mtn.

1 month ago