A good nature walk in the heart of the OKC metro. Nothing very spectacular but a nice wooded dirt trail to walk, run without concrete around.
The main trail being smooth, you can take your little one in a jogging stroller, (with tires and shocks) for a walk.

4 months ago

Nice trail to unwind in the heart of Norman.

Great trail in the middle of Norman. It was a good getaway when I was in college. There are often lots of hikers and bikers on the trail. Not a whole lot to see but is a fun way to escape the city without actually leaving.

6 months ago

trail was in poor condition and areas looked bewildered.

trail running
8 months ago

mountain biking
8 months ago

I came here for the first time with my three kids and I liked it a lot, the only problem is there's a part of the trail under construction.

Easy, level walking or jogging trails. Be careful as most the dog walkers don't use leashes. Look out for deer in the evening.

This is just a nice little get-away in the middle of town.. who knew? I've been walking this route for years now.. Love taking my dogs here too.. about 1/2 the trail is shaded and about 1/2 in the sun.. best time to go is early morning or sunset.. such a fabulous get away from the concrete I'm typically surrounded by... grab a friend and go for a walk.