Roman Nose State Park, named after a Cheyenne chief, is one of the original seven Oklahoma state parks. Set amidst a beautiful canyon, recreation activities at this state park include an 18 hole golf course, swimming pools, hiking trails, two lakes, trout fishing in season, canoeing, paddle boats, mountain biking, horse stables and hayrides by reservation. Group camps, picnic areas, tent campsites, and RV campsites with hookups are located throughout the park. The area also offers excellent opportunities for fall foliage and wildlife viewing. Teepee rentals are available in the summer months. Group rates are also available.

Loved it! It seems part of the path is closed though so I went up to inspiration point and back down. I would definitely do this hike again.

Really Enjoyed the views and the hike, however this map cannot be completed. The trail is cut off and a sign says no public access pass a certain point. So we just turned around and continued to explore. The trails are not well marked. Once you get it figured it out it was nice. You go from by the lake to the woods to up on the top in the open. It was really enjoyable.

Great day hike with a surprising variety of terrain for Oklahoma. The trail is well-maintained but the trail signs can be confusing if you didn't bring a map. We downloaded the AllTrails app, which was helpful when we reached forks in the trail that lacked a trail sign. With a couple of breaks for water and pictures, we finished in ~2.5 hours. It could take longer if you lacked a map or decided to explore several of the side trails. I brought my dog and she didn't need my help with any of the elevation gain. Beware: the gypsum rock can be sharp for human hands or doggy paws if you slip while climbing. We went a day or two after a big rain storm so the trail was slightly muddy.

Well, tried to hike it today but a late start and no cell service got us sidetracked on north side of the creek off the main trail. Hope to get back soon and make it the natural springs. Still so much fun to be outdoors in cool air.
I would recommend downloading maps so you have an offline route.

Went in summer. Trail is nice and has some moderate elevation (for Oklahoma). The state park itself also has some nice natural springs we waded in to cool off after the hike. Overall will go back, it's worth the drive from OKC.

Wonderful hiking trails. My wife and I just decided to take up hiking and this was a wonderful start. Very easy trail up to inspiration point and we were able to go off on some other trails and do a nice 3 hour hike. This is a great place for the whole family. Will be going back to explore more in the near future.

We walked 6.5 miles and still didn’t finish one trail. Part of the west trail up to Inspiration Point was closed so we had to backtrack and go up from the other side. The trails were clean except for where the water was down and left some trash. Our dogs loved the hike. It’s best to park at the Country Store and start at that trailhead.

Wonderful park with great trails caves and waterfalls. Can't wait to go back.

Not very well marked. But nice excerise and fun. With some pretty views and springs!

Scenic hikes with a variety of terrain. Trails are poorly marked but that was ok with me to get off trail because I was there for an all day hiking adventure. It is a must to finish your day at the Springs area of the park and soak your feet in the cool spring water.

Hiking and camping. Great trails!

The trail is well maintained and offers pleasant views at inspiration point with a variety of trail type varying from wooded, creek-side, rocky, open-plain, and canyon rim. Two thumbs up!! I went right after a big rain storm so it was pretty muddy but I thoroughly enjoyed that!

love this place

Great scenery and easy hike. This is the second time I've been there a year apart and the dam has been closed both times so I've never been able to complete the loop. It doesn't even look like they are working on it so I probably could have crossed it. Maybe next time!

Dam is closed, making the loop impossible. Other than that, great trail with great scenery.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Cool place to visit and easy to explore

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

I go here often for a fun day hike! Always have a great time!

Monday, October 17, 2016

The trail was fun. Very easy to follow and the terrain changes frequently. I enjoyed the scenic views a lot. The best part was I found the little waterfall/spring and was able to enjoy my lunch by it. It's tucked away in there but if you walk directly behind the sign that talks about the spring you will find it. Also found a great spot on the trail to throw up hammock, and I enjoyed a nap.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Trail started out really cool but about a half mile in, it is closed due to "safety". And on the trail website the closure is not mentioned. I drove close to two hours for a trail that wasn't even fully opened.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Pretty good hike. Took the Mesa Loop trail up to Inspiration Point. The valley from the top definitely worth the hike. Climbed down from there and took the trail that runs right along with the lake. Did the Switch Back trail as well on my way back. Overall, a fun hike. I liked that you get to hit both the Oklahoma desert areas and the nicely wooded trails as well.

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