Located in west central Oklahoma, the park and campsites are located down in the canyon among the canyon walls. In addition to RV and tent camping, the park offers picnic areas, nature trails, a small fishing pond, and playground equipment. The canyon walls are a favorite for rappelling and open exploration. In season, the park operates a swimming pool with bathhouse (and adjacent food concession) and the group camp, which offers overnight sleeping in bunkhouses, and a kitchen/dining hall for meals or meetings. Group picnic shelters are also available. The park and surrounding area has good opportunities for fall foliage viewing.

3 days ago

2 months ago

My daughter Amber and I hit the CRT on Christmas Eve and then made some mac&chesee with spam for dinner.
It was a cold evening but full of great memories.
I do wish the trails was better marked as we missed a turn but it wasn’t a big problem.
Looking forward to coming back in early spring.

This was a very pretty spot, but here needs to be signs when there is a cliff at the end of one of the path. We will be returning.

4 months ago

A fun hike with nice scenery but it's a little disappointing how poorly the trail is maintained. I did a lot of guessing as to where the actual trail was as there were very few markers and much of it was overgrown. They were working on building a paved section of trail along the road and had the Horsetail Trail closed for maintenance so hopefully they'll get working on the Rim Trail soon.

there is no trail map of ailable. Most of the trails are closed. The one the park endorses is absolutely full of sand spurs. Do not bring your dog, as they cannot walk a single step without getting one !!! it is apparent, as you step out of the parking lot. there should be signage here ....
had I not brought my dogs, could have been enjoyable walk. Really disappointed in this park, as it is full of people, and could be better maintained.

trail closed as of oct 7 2017

We really enjoyed this trail a year ago. If it opens up again, it's worth going. There was just one washed out swampy section in the middle, but we could get through it fine in a dry season. I heard an unfortunate rumor that the park may be closing all together though.

Trail is very poorly marked. hard to tell which way to go. A large portion of the trail is not maintained and has tree branches blocking the way and in some cases can't even see where the trail even goes. You may think you are on the right track but will soon see that you may have stumbled onto another trail as the first trail head is doubled marked and information area is not to be found. call in advance as one of the main trails were closed

Trail is currently closed. seems like it will be closed for awhile since there are some heavy equipment blocking the path

5 months ago

Beautiful hike! Especially in May when the wildflowers are in full bloom.

Very short, but easy trail. Beautiful views.

6 months ago

Most of it is grown over. It is hard to know what is path and what is an animal trail. Try the East Side than the West Side. Long pants is a must now that the trails are grown over.

Very short trail but beautiful. The trail was easy to follow. Also make sure to bring plenty of water.

Stay away from this hike. Zero trail maintenance. Lack of navigational signs. Goathead stickers everywhere. Relentless, giant flies. The main road was the best part of the trip.

Easy to get off the not so well maintained trails.... but I would go back and recommend!

9 months ago

Not sure you can still hike the entire loop any longer with state budget cuts. Stopped at the Ranger station for a trail map and was told that they don't give them out any longer as much of the trail is washed out. Hike around on my own from the center trail head and was able to find most of the trial on the East side. Some of it was well worn. Occasionally ran across red and white trail markers suggesting a trail system at one point. Hiked up on the west rim from the California Trailhead at the south end of the park. Was well marked and a nice trail with some nice views but was closed a 1/4 way north up the west rim. Looped back to the valley floor. All in all a nice hike, but wear pants if you're planning to make your own trail to complete the loop. Red sandstone slippery and crumbly when wet. Be careful near rim edge.

Beautiful! A little hard to follow which trail you are on with multiple options. There are color coded trail markers but I didn't know which was which and never found a key map to explain. But very beautiful scenery and fun all the same.

Hiked this trail yesterday. First time at the park was last Fall and it was nice to see it in Spring.

Maybe due to recent rains but trails very poorly marked. Many downed, dead trees blocking trails. Would never have been able to stay on trail without gps. Trails very good in places, and poor in others. Nice scenery and good mix of shade and sun. Trail just needs some love.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It was a nice trail. A few cool views. Though my dogs continued to get lots of stickers right on the trail. At one point I thought about carrying my long haired dog.

Overall a wonderful trail, but will not go again with dogs.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Very easy...

Sunday, November 27, 2016

There were a few eye sores, an oil tank, a waste water lagoon and some weird abandoned buildings, but other than that most of the scenery is pretty. It just kinda spits you out on the road maybe half a mile from the trailhead though. Still it was a pretty fun hike.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Great views of the canyon.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I would have been a lovely hike but was so over ran with sticker bushes my dog couldn't even stand it. You stopped every 10 minutes to pull out bush full of stickers. If you're just hiking without pet and with jeans and boots you'll be fine and it's a gear work out

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Found the start of the path but lost it several times because of overgrown grass and poor trail markers. Ended up in a circle and headed back. May try again at a later date.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Once finding the trail, it was a good light trail with some scenic areas. Mostly it just follows the back side of the property line

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Very clean campground. We were just hiking for the day but the facilities and grounds were well maintained.

Monday, June 27, 2016

I enjoyed it a lot, short with a few climbs and easy to follow. Well maintained

Trail was nice until my daughter was two feet away from stepping on a 4' plus gigantic copperhead snake. Thank God I saw it laying across the path!!! Never have I seen a snake so large outside of the zoo!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The views and the landscape was a five and it was beautiful, but we were hearing a lot of rattlesnakes and one particular around the first mile that was right next to the trail. We had to turn back in case anything happened.

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