trail running
2 months ago

I wish there was a little more direction on which way to go so that I could get the full 4 miles in.

love this trail. out a little south see a lot of deer. great experience with kids as well.

Very pretty. I only wish that they had more offbeat paths for hikers. I'll definitely have to come back and try the mountain bike trails!

4 months ago

it was nice..... saw little kids on their field trip .. some construction going on with visitor center... Will have to come once they finish to see the all the trails

4 months ago

Took the kids (7 & 9) and had a great time. Well marked trails. Saw a bunch of wildlife: birds, deer, squirrels, fish, fox, several types of turtles, ducks. Well travelled and a little too many people. But great for a quick outdoor adventure when you can't get out of the city.

Great short trail options when you can't get out of the metro area. I hiked the main trail (Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Courage Trail) and the connected Trail B loop with my son. We'll come back soon to do the Trail C loop. This is very easy hiking. We ran across deer and so many turtles, we lost count. Really enjoyed the Trail B loop because it ran right along Spring Creek. There was also an elevated observation deck where the main trail and Trail B meet.
Our hike was just over a mile long. If you add the Trail C loop I believe you can get close to 2 miles all together for this trail system.

The park also includes the Meadow Trail that is listed separately on AllTrails which you can connect to for a total of about 2.5 miles.

*There's signs at the entrance that state no dogs allowed.

As soon as I was about to enter the park one of the rangers stopped me and told me I couldn't walk my dog there because she might catch a disease from the wild animals there.
I don't know what was up with that. I think if the animals had diseases there they wouldn't let people walk there.

mountain biking
6 months ago

This place is good for kids starting out on the Mtb. Hikers everywhere, so that sucks.

If you mtb any where else this place will bore you. It has three 'jumps' built in and a few berms (that need attention), but the jumps all huck to flat. kinda lame overall

Nice little park in the city however, people let their dogs off leash and neglect to pick up after them. Beware the poop.

8 months ago

Nice short trails close to home. Consists of 3 main trails labeled A,B,C, with a few connecting trails. My fav is C as it is the most isolated. Can be a little busy at times.

8 months ago

We went to this trail and were met with signage specifying that this trail is closed to pedestrians.

I tried looking up the rules before posting this and found a news article dated 12/30/2016 about banning pedestrians and then another news article dated 1/7/2017 saying that the ban was lifted. Regardless, park signage as of 5/22/2017 says that mountain biking trail (this trail) is closed to pedestrians.

TLDR: 1 star for inaccurate info. Trail closed to pedestrians and leashed dogs.

Awesome and peaceful

Best trail in OKC by far.

mountain biking
11 months ago

Fun course!

mountain biking
11 months ago

Had a blast! left just a bit of blood on a tree root that attacked me on the down hill.

So, from what we saw it was pretty, but we really didn't get to explore at all as a park ranger came up and told us that Edmond has an ordinance against dogs in their park (even if they're leashed and you bag their messes). They do allow service dogs though. so sadness :( going elsewhere. They don't want dogs interacting with the wildlife.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Well traveled but peaceful and quiet. Great location and multiple use park.

Monday, February 06, 2017

nice getaway in okc

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

great for both mtb and running. friendly people. lots of mtb-ers so make sure you can hear if you are running or walking. share the road. dry use only.

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