Great trail but very easy to get off on a different trail. They are marked but a bit confusing.

This is a nice trail. The only issue is there are really no markings. The sign at the trailhead says the trail is marked with red and white paint. This is not the case. It’s easy to start following the wrong trail at intersections. Make sure you have gps on.

I believe they’ve changed this again or you’ve recorded the Beavers Lodge Trail. Currently the park doesn’t even hand out information on this trail as a storm has left it in disarray. It is still labeled the Indian Nations Trail with huge signs at the two trailheads. They’ve done an excellent job flagging the entire trail. There are two sections. First goes north from Armadillo camp area for about a mile to Carson Creek Rd and comes back (this is a 2 mile rt). The other part leaves the same camp area and travels south along the lake for an in and out total of 7.2 miles and it’s difficult! Not a walk in the park and several water crossings. Has a 750+ elevation gain. Be prepared!

great trail. nice scenery. barely saw any other hikers. My gps said 3.7 miles.
i imagine that fall, winter, and spring are even better.

Cross over 3 creeks, pretty view of lake.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Peaceful hike, easy, full of wildlife.

Monday, February 20, 2017

The part of the trail that we did hike was nice!

mountain biking
Saturday, February 11, 2017

Short and sweet! Good easy flowing trail.

This was a great hike, especially for a beginner like myself. I can't wait to come back and check out more trails.

I really liked this trail. we were able to do it with a jogger stroller for our toddler. it has lots of elevation changes. we saw some wildlife too

Short but fun, lots of elevation change.

No maintenance. Poorly marked.

mountain biking
Tuesday, December 29, 2015

This was (past tense) a great mountain bike/hiking trail. Unfortunately, it is no longer maintained. If you're mountain biking, plan on carrying your bike more often than riding it. It could be great again. It used to have a great flow but no longer.

I guess I did this entire trail. I thought I had lost the trail because according to the map at the beginning of the trail, it looked much longer. I never passed the road it showed on the map so I thought it went a lot further. But I did 2.3 miles out and back so maybe I did the whole thing. I don't know. It was all uphill and was tiring. Very little views with all the trees so not really worth the steep hike. I got a good glimpse of the lake one time through the trees. Maybe it would be more scenic in the winter with less foliage. It's not marked very well in places.

Friday, July 18, 2014

The trailhead is just north of the lodge parking lot. There are three loops. The first loop is 0.4 miles long, Loop 2 is 1.75 miles, loop 3 is 4 miles, according to the large map at the trailhead. The loops are connected so you can select how far you want to hike as you hike. The trail and loops are well marked, especially if you follow the directions and take the loops clockwise. I would classify the portion of the trail (loops 1 & 2) we hiked as relatively easy with hills. The terrain is rocky so some of the trail surface is a little rocky and slightly uneven. Lots of trees so it is well shaded. Mountain bikes are allowed on the trail. We hiked during the middle of the week and encountered no other hikers or bikes.

off road driving
Saturday, October 15, 2011

This trail basically runs from Talimena State Park to Billy Creek Campground. The park is about 7 mi NE of Talihina, OK. Park has tent & rv campsites with water & elec. Dump station avail. Trail starts from park & runs basically east parrallel to Hwy 1. Trail is over 40 miles long & not for beginners. Trail comes out just a little north of Nat'l Forest Serv Campground named Billy Creek. BC is a few miles north of Hwy 63 & west of Big Cedar. BC has tent & rv campsites. There is water & one pit toilet. There is a rv park & cabins & Big Cedar. There is no town at Big Cedar, it's just a road junction (63 & 259).

off road driving
Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oct 15, 2011 there are many more atv trails in this area.

off road driving
Saturday, October 15, 2011

Very good & challenging atv trail.

Much of trail is old 4 wheel drive road. Fairly good signage although there is the opportunity to take a wrong trail. Best done in the spring when water is available. Great view of the Ouachita mountains.

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