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Nice 5 mile out and back, within an hour’s drive of east Tulsa. Leaves were just starting to turn in late October. This seems like the only hiking trail open right now, so prepare to share the trail with other hikers. Would definitely go back in spring, or when the longer portion of the trail isn’t closed for hunting.

Great trail, well marked for the most part. I don't recommend coming during hunting season as a good chunk of the trail is closed. Overall a great trail to get your hiking legs.

We hiked from the trailhead at the park to the swinging bridge and back. Overall, the trail was well marked, though some spots were overgrown. Be prepared to walk along Highway 10, which was very odd. Also, the swinging bridge was closed for maintenance, but we didn't know it until we crossed over to other side and read the sign on the locked gate. It would have been nice to put a sign on both sides, especially since it was deemed unsafe to cross. Other than that, it was enjoyable.

Great trail. Can’t wait to complete the entire loop.

Super fun trail and very doable for beginners.

I love this trail I have been on it many times. Just enough up and downs to get your blood pumping but not so bad you need a evac

I went clockwise to Mary's cove then headed back. The up and downs are brutal on the back half. It was pretty, especially with the flowers and fruit trees and red buds all starting to bloom, but nothing spectacular. I did stumble across some wild hogs though.

I love this trail I have been hiking it to get my trail legs for a up coming thru hike of the Superior hiking trail in Minnesota

Had a great time with my son on this overnight trip.
We started at about 1:30p, done by 5p next day...we felt we pushed pretty hard.
As suggested by a fellow reviewer, we did the trail counter-clockwise, glad we did. Got the hardest done first.
Be prepared to go up the side of a mountain, than back down, many times.
(basically a chain of smaller mountains)
This was my first hike of a constant 18 and camping on the trail. I suggest 2 nights if you can. More time to enjoy the scenery and not have to push so hard to get done.
P.S. - call first during hunting seasons.

This is a fun trail but the north loop is pretty much not even a trail. It is very well marked though. Be prepared to crawl over a bunch of downed trees or walk around if possible. Overall I had a good time. Very secluded on the north loop.

This is actually several small trails that connect to form one mega trail. The smaller trails are less than a mile each. I did the archaeology and kid-friendly trails which totaled one mile; both were paved. Great views which included native grasslands, river, and lake. As a reminder- it is a felony to remove artifacts from federal and state lands!

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Love this park and trail. Be aware that most of the trail is frequently closed in fall due to hunting season. I recommend calling ahead to check before planning on hiking the full 18 miles.

Not the greatest trail,but it's pretty rad. There's quite a few places to stop and fish,so that's always a plus.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hiked the south loop of the main trail system in late September. In spite of using bug spray, I still got bombarded with chiggers. No ticks though. That aside, I thought this was an okay hike. The bridge was the main attraction for me. There wasn't too many great views or points of interest throughout the trail.

Moderate hike. The west side of the trail was definitely an easier hike then the east. We hiked clockwise and I think I would agree with a lot of the other reviews that can be found online that counterclockwise is a better bet.

Overall, I did enjoy this hike. I had plans to do the entire trail system as an overnight backpacking trip but after doing a day hike, I've lost interest.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

I only hiked from the trailhead to the swinging bridge. Just a short 3 hour hike. I wasn't expecting the trail would lead me to the highway bridge between the trail. Steep in some spots along the lake. It was definitely different than what I expected but still a pretty sight and a great adventure. Unexpected is good.

Monday, September 18, 2017

decent trail, good campground at Marys cove, ticks and chiggers were crazy bad

Trail was great, but if you plan on running the whole trail and being back before dark, get there super early

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Trail was anticlimactic. After checking into the rangers station we headed out on the trail. We used bug spray as suggested. We didn't have any issues with bugs but the trail was closed after the swinging bridge. No views and swinging bridge was just ok.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

First and foremost...spray for ticks and bring the spray along! The area is so infested with ticks, we could not stop without them crawling up our legs! Second, this trail is beautiful, but deceptively NOT easy. I would suggest doing it counterclockwise as the toughest climbs are there and not clockwise. We did clockwise and the steep hills on the outside loop kicked our butt! Also, I would suggest signing in at box in the park and actually parking at the bridge fishing area! You have to walk along a highway to actually access this trail. Good to also note that at Mary's Cove, you only know you're there because of picnic tables. At the first table the trail to the left keeps you going up the trail...at the second table, the trail to your right takes you to the crossover to go back. This area, for about a mile, is not traversed much! LOOK FOR THE ORANGE FLAGS or you will get lost! Thank God for the trail angel who placed the flags all along the entire trail!

Monday, June 05, 2017

No one in my hiking group had ever been to this trail and relied pretty heavily on the info and trail reviews here. We all felt like the descriptions and reviews of this trail need some updating. Our primary activity is overnight hammock backpacking.

The trail description and map is missing an important piece of the trail. There is a cross over trail at mile marker 5 making this a figure 8. The bottom is roughly 11 miles and the top loop 6 miles making the entire trail loop 17 miles. These distances are based on the map from the park office. This is important because it became evident (more below) that the top loop is rarely hiked and I can only assume that some of these reviews are based on only hiking the bottom loop.

The bottom loop is well traveled and clearly marked most of the way. Big mile marker posts are nice to tell you where you are. They are placed for a clockwise hike. The suspension bridge is cool and very springy. There is a well established camp area called Mary's Cove at mile 5. There are about 5 separate camp sites with rock fire pits, flat ground for tents, lots of trees for hammocks, one site even has a nice picnic table! If you gather water, there are few spots where you can get to the lake. My gut tells me most people never make it past this spot. It would be a nice overnighter to hike the bottom 10 mile loop spending the night at Mary's Cove and taking the return trail.

On day 2 we planned on hiking the upper trail to spend the night in the wilderness area. The trail was infrequently traveled and over grown. In places I would guess it hasn't seen feet in months. The further we went the worse it got to a point where you could not see a trail on the ground. Heavy tall grass, downed trees, large rocks in the pathway making for some technical hiking in places. There are the same trail makers along the way but it is so heavy we relied more on red tape tied to branches marking the "trail" about every 20-30 yards. Without that it would have been impossible to see a trail. I would rank this as a primitive trail better suited for experienced hikers. At the peak of the trail there is a designated camp site on the map but we decided to cut over to the return trail and head back. It took us 3 hours to hike 3 miles. If you like a primitive hike, this is a good one but be prepared for slow going and put on plenty of DEET. Heavy ticks and chiggers. Wish we would have known all this and planned better.

The main park area is nice, park management very helpful, and there is no cost to park for an overnight hike. Great hiking close to the lake.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

favorite trail by far! My dog and I did the entire thing (after the main road bridge since we hiked it before) 16miles in 7hrs55minutes. We should've waited a little since it had rained the day before and turned the little creeks into raging rivers we had to cross and it was up to my knees. Ticks are out already so wear repellant and check yourself and pets after hike!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wasn't happy when we heard gun shots near by. Stopped hiking and returned to trailhead.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

I did this trail for my first solo backpacking venture. I highly enjoyed the trail as it was beautiful. I had read that there are downed trees in the trail which is still true. Most of them were not a problem for me as a hiker. There was one section on the north loop right before the junction to Mary's Cove campground that was problematic. If you are going clockwise on the trail you come to a section with many down trees and the trail markers seemed to stop. You have to go to your right over some trees and the trail will pick back up. The only other concern I had was the amount of hog rootings along the trail-especially at the north primitive campground. I did not see any hogs but I would be cautious. Other than that the trail was awesome!

trail running
Monday, January 30, 2017

Did this loop as part of the Greenleaf Trail Run 2017. It was well marked for the event and think it would be wonderful if the little metal markers become a permanent thing. Without the effort of the race sponsors to mark the trail, I don't know how I would have stayed on the trail in several areas. As far as the trail goes, there were several downed trees across the trail that had to be climbed over. Beware of your footing as the trail is rocky the vast majority of the way. I think the trail would be very enjoyable as a hike though (5 stars). As a trail run, just be aware of you footing and you'll be good. I completed it in 3 hours and it was a great workout!

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Nice easy trail. Was well marked and had an easy to follow path.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Loved it, the path and markers are visible. The state does an outstanding job maintaining this trail.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

I enjoyed the trail as I have not been to Greenleaf State Park in a number of years. Campgrounds are clean and friendly. Although, you should have a "camp shovel" with you to remove the ash from the fire pits around the tent camping sites.
The ankle express trail does need some maintenance as there is some debris across the trail. Usually volunteer groups help with trail maintenance. My son and I only hiked (according to my pace count) 10 Km of the trail. From the trail head to the swinging bridge 4.5 Km, and then we hiked to the "2 mile" marker / post, and turned around.
I did use some trail marking tape to establish the 100 meter pace marker's & informed some of the other hikers of its use. Overall, the trail is in good condition but needs maintenance. Also, I saw too many family hikers ill equipped having no additional water or trail snacks. As with any expedition, failure to plan accordingling can cost you dearly. Be advised to always carry a survival kit with you on the trail.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

using west side of trail to mary's cove was fun. well marked and very few trees or debris. cutting across to east side of lower trail was difficult due to many downed trees and inadequately marked trail. finally got to west side of lower trail only to find many trees down and once again very poor blazed trail due to many trees down. we ended up backtracking the trail and leaving by the west trail because we were unable to safely proceed down the east side of the lower trail called the park and ask if anyone had walked the trail after the severe storms we had several months ago and was informed that no one had hiked the trail after the wind storms. just seems like it wouldn't cost much to have someone hike the trail after storms and assess damage done to trails in hopes that the trails were safe for all levels of hikers i am not trying to be critical of the hard working people that help all of us to enjoy our state parks but there was alot of damage done to the lower part of this trail by oklahoma storms.. hard job and probably not alot of money. just please get the blazes and the trail looked at after storms?? some people do this trail as their first attempt at backpacking and it isn't an easy trail to follow at this time.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The trail was fairly well-marked and easy to follow from trailhead to the Mary's Cove primitive campground on the west side of the south loop, albeit due to a well-trodden path. Campers I met at Mary's Cove campground mentioned that doing the north loop at this time would be very difficult due to fallen trees that had still not been cleaned up. Plus, it was getting late, so I opted for the cut-through and back down the east side of the south loop. This too proved very challenging, because many trees were down and appeared to have been down for over a year. I ended up getting lost (again due to downed trees and rare markers) but was lucky to find the #11 mile marker, where the east part of the loop restarts. From there I proceeded south, getting lost again even before #12 mile marker. I ended up venturing back west and rejoined the west branch of the south loop. and simply retraced my steps. I would rate the trail itself as "easy" but only 2 stars for the poor signage, multiple downed trees, and overgrown areas. I certainly expected better from a state park where the trail claims to be maintained by the "Oklahoma Ankle Express". There's nothing express about the clean-up and maintenance of this trail. On the positive, I managed to get in a great cardio workout going 12 miles in total (per my Samsung Gear Fit 2). Especially due to the areas overgrown with tall grasses, I would recommend long hiking pants with good hiking boots and tick repellent.

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