Well kept trail with some nice scenery. Have hiked this trail a few times and during warm weather it seems to have a great number of ticks. Other than that, great day hike.

2 months ago

Hey, anyone dogging this trail, don't listen to them. I traveled to the Ecuadoran Andes for the views and challenge. I come to the Wayne to stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors! This is what this place is all about. I have done the backpacking trail a few times, and each time it was great. I suggest going around end-of-summer or fall, as you will have the place pretty much to yourself. I take all the gear I would on a trek anywhere else in the world, as some parts are pretty remote and well, an injury out there by yourself and you may spend a few days on your own. I have made my own camp off-trail as well as used the campsites you will see along your hike. Bug spray is suggested, and lemon-eucalyptus oil works perfect out there. Looking forward to some winter camping on the trail!

Have been hiking and Canoeing here for 50 years. One of my favorite places to spend a day . Beautiful during all the seasons.

Great trail and beautiful views. Most of the trail is lakeshore but goes off shore for a bit. You got a bit of s Marsh area 3.4 miles in and its a lot of grass.... (bring bug repellant) the bugs were heavy in that area. After you get through that it's awesome. Views of the lake are great, I'd def do it again.

5 months ago

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6 months ago

My nephew and I ran the Lakeshore Trail and had a blast! Good hill climbs, lots to look at, and a couple of decent places to pick up the pace. It was boggy in a few spots and we each turned an ankle (not too bad) but all in all it was a quite good experience!!

It was so pretty! You got a lot of views of the lake and the water was beautiful. I will say it's kind of hard but if you are fully prepared it wouldn't be a problem. A little trash Around some areas near the dam.

Really enjoyed this hike. Trails are in great shape, a few muddy areas but nothing too terrible. It was a great day, forecast was rain but we went anyway-- not a drop. Nice breeze and so many local flowers/plants blooming.

It was a great hike, a bit muddy so don't bring shoes or clothes you're not willing to get dirty.

Starting on the pier gives you just about the easiest hike imaginable - for about four miles or so, anyway. After that point, when the view is more of creek beds and less of lake, it is slick, muddy, and frustrating - pretty much all the way to the beach.

The wildflowers coming up at this time of year are beautiful, and the trees aren't yet leafy enough to obscure the views of the lake.

Be prepared for a longer completion time than anticipated, however, due to significant hang-ups in the muddy stretch.

I thoroughly enjoyed this trail. I almost didn't go due to the reviews of how muddy it is or how people had to double back because of the confusing markers. I didn't find this to be the case. There were a few muddy places but were very passable if you went off the trail 6 feet and went around. I started at the boat ramp and did find that at about 2 1/4 miles in the bridge is partially out and it becomes very muddy but OH DNR has marked a secondary trail with pink ribbons that circles around that. Please don't hesitate to check out this trail. It was a peaceful walk that's not too strenuous and had a lot of wildlife to see as well as some scenic views. A definite thumbs up.