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This is the correct recording as of Jan 8, 2020.

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I walked this counter clockwise, so the camp numbers were in reverse order for me. The area that people have reported as damaged between camps 6 and 5 have been maintained enough at this point that you can follow the trail without resorting to using gps like some people were having to do earlier in the year. What got to me were hoof prints from before camp 6 and going until camp 4. There are a few short shared use parts of trail, based on what I saw on the map, but areas that were clearly marked with signs that said no horses had evidence you don’t want to step in of people riding horses there. The hoof prints added to the muddiness is all the wet spots. With all the hills, I think this trail is a great place to train for Ohioans planning to hike or trail run at other destinations, but with practically no views, this is not a destination in and of itself. You get better views and more interesting things to see by driving through the park on route 125 than you do walking this trail.

Nice trail. Totally recommend. Good workout

Trail is wide, well marked and has several elevations. Hiked in late fall and the colors were vivid

Just did the south loop last week, trail was pretty muddy. Hiked it clockwise and stayed at camp 6. Very nice spot. Lots of elevation on the way from 6 to 7 with a couple of significant climbs. The trail is still blocked between camp 5 & 6, u can get around, but it’s a good scramble through the downed trees. Plenty of ticks, so use a good bug spray and do a good check post hike. It’s a good workout for an overnight hike, but if you were to stretch it to two night it would be much easier.

over grown
8 months ago

Lots of muddy and hilled ruts from heavy equipment going straight up one steep hill. Very overgrown. Fire tower is located beside the road you can drive there. Not a good trail and don’t bring kids.

First, the map is only showing the South Loop, there is also a North Loop for a total distance of 40 miles with 7 campsites. I hiked the entire loop May 2-6, 2019. It is extremely difficult terrain, but a beautiful trail. The wildflowers in May were gorgeous. Saw nobody the first 2 days, passed 2 people on day 3, and passed a group of about 15 heading in when I was leaving. The most important thing to know is that a hillside avalanche has completely destroyed the trail between camp 5 and camp 6. We couldn’t find any way around it and had to camp on the trail and backtrack the next morning.

Up and down the whole way. Good to get your heart rate going

Tue Jan 08 2019

Hiked for 3 miles south from the Lake then hiked the road back due to time constraints. Trail drains water nicely and the steeper climbs were still possible even with the heavier rains a couple days earlier. Nice trail. But, Could have been better. The trail portion of the hike was spent looking down at the trail so as to avoid the way too numerous piles of animal waste. Only a couple occasions could be excused as wild animals due to their high fur content. Watch your step!

Mon Aug 27 2018

Took the east day hike trail to Camp number 3 the next day hike from 3 to 1 please note that the water at Camp one is a mile from Camp one so if you're coming from the trailhead to one don't walk past it if you're going the way we did it requires you to go an extra mile to get water and then return back to camp. my wife and I spent the weekend there and by far from Camp number one back to the trailhead is some of the toughest hiking we have ever done. love the challenge but it is not for the timid.

This trail is super difficult. We only made it about 1 mile out and realized it was out of our access. Lots of bugs even with bug spray so be prepared. The trail does not seem to be maintained well either.

We put this loop together to take in the Copperhead Firetower and Camp 1 of the Backpack trail. Overall a scenic woods walk and not too steep. Several Creek crossings, and the bottom area of the bridle trail was a bit muddy. We startled a coyote just below the water source where the bridle trail and backpack trail meet. You could opt for more out and back instead of using the roads for a loop.

This is a great hike to take in 2 great scenic spots in one day. There is a little more elevation gain on this route than some others, but it wasn't terrible. I look forward to doing this again in the future.

Mon Sep 11 2017

I just completed this hike last week but as a loop of ~25 miles, starting at the trailhead, following a trail just north of SR125 (traveling SE), crossing south over SR 125, and picking up the displayed trail there, finishing the loop at the trailhead. The trail is fantastic-- you cannot ask for a better groomed trail. It's simple to follow, well marked, with only a couple of trees downed over the trail in all those miles. There is no deluge of water runoff in the rain (& I started during a rainstorm) and the reason is simple in design- on each and every slope, every 50 feet or so, a backsloping cutout is made in the trail to force water runoff off the trail, so no deluge ever forms. This took an enormous amount of work to construct. But (big but), this is an athletically hard trail; easy trail technically; hard trail athletically. Take a water filter-- plenty of streams. Actually, camp 5 was 1/2 way for me and beautiful, on a ridge with great views. I loved this hike and will be going back for more.

Fri Sep 01 2017

Lots of up and down, very challenging if your not in good shape. If you have a dog, watch out for copperheads!!

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