Tons of wildlife!

Well maintained with plenty of wildlife. Not much of an actual hike, but very stimulating and unique.

Just Delightful. Trail is well maintained with both dirt and gravel surfaces. Begins with a short half mile trek through woods which provides plenty of canopy from direct sunlight. After a short walk the woods open into a beautiful marsh with a 1.5 mile loop. A variety of wildlife including deer, Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Canadian Geese, and a variety of ducks and other birds are present. The outing was completed with a spectacular view of a Bald Eagle flyover! If you like natural beauty and scenic leisure strolls then this trail is ideal.

No turtles, but saw plenty of ducks and geese. Also saw about five deer, two swans and an otter

We love this trail. Every time we go, we see a new animal. Beaver, snapping turtles, different birds, a baby deer, etc.

one of my favorites in the area. super easy trail with tons of bird watching.

trail running
4 months ago

I wanted to go for a short jog on a nice day. I got 3 minutes in and the little worms hanging from the trees were everywhere and there were spider webs galore. I try not to be too squeamish about insects and bugs, but when I looked down they were all over me. I just couldn’t get passed it so I turned around and ran right out.

This is a really easy and completely flat trail that is slightly wooded and then opens up to a large wetlands areas. Lots of wildlife and fairly quiet!

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