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The landscape of rural Guernsey County appears as a patchwork of forested hills, open meadows and misty valleys threaded by numerous streams At the heart of this region is Salt Fork State Park, encompassing the woodlands and fields flanking Salt Fork Reservoir As Ohio's largest state park, Salt Fork boasts 17,229-acres of recreational facilities to suit nearly every taste

Nice trail but definitely a little overgrown. We didn't see a soul on our whole trip. A LOT of ticks. Make sure you wear sleeves and treat with Permethrin. Beautiful lake views.

6 days ago

6 days ago

Definitely a little overgrown, definitely wear pants. Sadly we didn't escape the bugs that stung. 3 of 6 of us got stung a couple of times each. Good trail otherwise though, a could nice views of the lake.

Fairly overgrown path. Wear pants. There is a dock over the water near the house which gives a very pretty secluded view.

Nice, quick hike with helpful signs along the way. The trail is very narrow in some spots, so if you don't like being hit by branches, long pants are a good option here.
The lower trail has beautiful views of the lake along the way and it wouldn't be a terrible idea to take that route both ways as there's nothing too remarkable on the upper trail.
There's a nice dock towards the last leg of the lower trail, so if you're wanting to have lunch/dinner here that would be the perfect spot. Enjoy! This is certainly a beautiful park with lots to see and do!

Good for horses only. Too much flies and horses shit

3 months ago

Fun little loop down the hollow and back up, from the "C" camp area. Took the kids (ages 6 - 10), was no problem for them.

did white A loop at end of April..nice walk by the lake and past a cemetery

walked blue trail 4-23-17..nice trail.took little over 3 hours...says it's 12 miles on map

We did the entire Blue Bridal trail. This was very challenging! There wasn't much break time between inclines and declines and this time of year is very muddy! It takes much more strength and endurance than drier months.

Also, we stuck with the trail and it was 8 miles, but I started recording from the parking lot because it was a good 1/4-1/2 mile to the trail head. We weren't certain we could park at trail head because it is for horses.