We were surprised by the small parking lot packed with cars when we arrived. The day was beautiful. Trails are in good condition, though steep in areas. Since the start of trail is a grassy, level path you may be deceived regarding the ease of the hikes. If you have hiking poles or staff, bring them with you. I suggest continuing forward at your first junction. When you get to the next junction, a sign will indicate the 1 mile Rock Shelter Loop (more like a lollipop) to the right and the Rock Bridge to the left. If you are interested in seeing the whole park, go to the Rock Shelter first. You will reach the shelter cave in about 2/3 mile, viewed to the left. From here you can finish the lollipop as the loop lies ahead. Or you can return to the last junction and head to the Rock Bridge. As you look around, you should be able to spot the river below through the trees. As you get closer to the Rock Bridge, listen for the periodic burst of an odd metallic sound in the air. Maybe your hear an occasional scream. Can you place the cause of the noise? A zip line course is just outside the boundaries of the preserve. Once you reach the bridge, you can cross over to complete the hike. Continue down to view the caves first. You can even go to further down this trail to the rivers edge. Kayakers got out at our encouragement to view the bridge. Please honor the wishes of the preserve and do not cross the barrier to go into the cave as one group did. A preserve works hard to restore plant and animal life. Respecting the rules keeps things nice for all.
When you are ready, climb back up to cross the bridge and continue this loop back up to the out and back from the parking lot. There's a single bench as you climb back up to the parking lot, if you are looking for a spot to catch your breath.

Absolutely gorgeous, well maintained, leaves are changing in the area, hiking in the rain was still pretty easy, I typically hike in sandals, but I saw 1 gentleman hiking barefoot (that's dedication folks), all natural trail, just simply loved it.

I was appalled at the blatant disregard for park rules here. Dogs are NOT allowed at state nature preserves and there was an obvious sign posted saying so, but I saw many dogs on the trail. At the bridge, a stupid parent allowed their young son to enter the endangered area and throw rocks around and completely disregarded the conspicuous sign that forbade exit from the trail and that explicitly said it is ILLEGAL to leave the trail in order to restore sensitive plants in that particular habitat. Fucking morons. I’m see this disrespectful and ignorant behavior more and more at nature preserves and parks. Makes me want to slap them upside their empty heads.

The waterfall seems to be based more on recent rain rather than a consistent flow, but all together the trail was dynamic yet relaxing, and the rockbridge is fantastic once you make it out there to it.

Nice hike! The natural bridge was pretty cool and the trail was maintained well! Will definitely go again, hopefully after a rain so there is more of a waterfall :)

Nothing too special on this hike - well the natural bridge was really cool, but the waterfall (when we saw it) was really just a trickle. It was easy for our younger school aged kiddos - but didn't feel overly unique from any other trails we could have gone down back home.

5 months ago

Gps malfunction as you can see on my map posted below! lol The trail was a win though. Beautiful day. :)

Great trails

Rock Bridge is a very subtlety unique and secluded nature preserve. It's not as flashy as the other local parks but it makes up for it in lesser foot traffic and overall quietness. Definitely worth a quick stop. The connecting Rock Shelter Loop can be a pretty good workout!

Decent hike. less than 2 miles. Elevation makes it moderate.

easy walking, really cool waterfall,