Quail Hollow is a landscape of rolling meadows, marshes, pine and deciduous woods surrounding a 40-room manor Scenic woodland trails, gardens and the house offer a variety of natural and cultural experiences for visitors

the park is a great place to go on a family trip. the tracks are wide and obvious and you can spend a couple of hours with the kids for sure. lovely place to pass the day!

Quail Hollow is a wonderful place for hiking in an area without many hiking options. I like the diversity of trees and terrain. Well worth the time to explore all the different trails in different seasons.

It's just a typical walk. Not worth driving more than 20 minutes to get to.

Very peaceful. Beautiful trails. We explored the Manor House and surroundings. Very lovely.

one of my all time favorite parks

We had a great time here. Lots of trails, wildlife, vines, etc... We will be back!

it was peaceful, easy to navigate, and not many people there!

mountain biking
10 months ago

Pretty varied terrain: some forested paths, some open field, some rocks and logs. Mostly pretty level, but some sudden ups and downs (short segments). Watch out for big logs if you are not a "jumper". Fields can be muddy after a rainy day.

Nice place to hike.

One of my favorite park to hike at.

Great time