Nice canopy rail trail. Low grade for similar experience in both directions. Plenty of points to park and get on the trail. Nice picnic spot and rest rooms at Kenyon University crossing.

Rail to trails. Flat, blacktop, scenic and historical stops.

I been a many many trails in Ohio, born in Lorain Ohio,
lived in Iowa 7 years, nice long trails there, new jeresy for 5 years, bad state to bike or walk,
the younger kids have gang's that pester any body that crosses there trails, getting back to Ohio. I love my home state, and riding or walking hundreds of miles, there's no place like home,

It says 18 miles but you don't have to go that far!! There are many different stops/ parking places along the path. It's in really good condition and paved. Excellent for running, especially if you enjoy running distance. When I don't run trails, this is my favorite place to go. About half the time I take my dog (on a leash). Typically I start in Howard and go towards Gambier and turn around. Also, it's usually not busy except I've found Saturdays are very popular.