trail running
7 days ago

The trails are great, but you better be mosquito repellent ready or your run or walk will be shorten. They're the rulers of the park.

Nice trail that's decently marked. Can be a busy trail head which leads to noise.

Great trails only complaint is some of the low areas are all but impassable after a hard rain. More walkways needed.

1 month ago

trail running
2 months ago

Awesome trail. Only issue we had was a confusing yellow marker so we missed a left turn. It was soon after dipping back onto the trail after it runs along beside airport highway, but there was a yellow mark on the tree to the left side near a trail fork but further down a couple tees(heading straight) there was another yellow marker on the right side on a tree. So we went straight, but should have taken a left. Other than that accidental confusing shortcut, it was awesome!

Very Beautiful, calm, and relaxing.

3 months ago

I love this trail. It has a little bit of everything. Small hills, wooded areas, streams and ponds. I always end the trail doing the Mallard Lake loop. Such a beautiful gem.