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Cool collection of trails in this area. The white Pine boardwalk was nice and the scenic loop was very enjoyable.

on Chagrin River Trail

14 days ago

Pretty walk along the river with lots of plants, birds, and squirrels. Fishing even in the winter and "beach" access from the trail. Muddy and tree down across the trail. Picnic area and small playground. Can hear traffic from the road.

Highly recommend this trail. Walked further than the 2.1 miles. Other trails to explore beyond this. Best this time of year. First day of fall!

Great for hiking. I often take my Golden through Chagrin several times a week. Love the park system we have here!

I have grown up going to strawberry lane for family picnics & squires castle for high school hang outs. Now I have introduced my daughter and dogs to the wonderful trails through this beautiful Metro park area. We just went yesterday and did the loop on the bridle trail around and down to the back of the castle. A lot of incline and tree roots, you really feel like your hiking. Hidden bridges. There are alternates paths you can venture on. Careful not to get lost. If you start the bridle trail right when you get into the parking lot, take the incline and follow the blue flower symbol in the signs. You will wind & twist threw the woods up and down and across bridges. No water back through this trail. Then you make the decline down to the castle. Take an easy route down or do some climbing to get down, your choice. It’s a great way to # getoutside #climbthings #explore. We take our 2 Rottweilers, very pet friendly.

great trails and climbs. you make it what you want. Do more climbs, for more difficulty and more improvement in fitness. this trail has it all if your willing to go off trail just a bit for some challenging climbs and decents.

Easy to get lost. Recomend having a compass.

Short and sweet.

A web of trails. Better to the All Trails' GPS if it's your first time.

This is actually two separate trails. Both are nice hikes, but there isn't really anything to see.

Came out to North Chagrin Reserve to train for a backpacking trip in Maine. The nature center was a great starting point for me. There were a lot of educational resources available for all and the trails were easy to follow. The most enjoyable portion for me was coming across Squire's Castle and learning about the history behind it. I sat here to enjoy a lunch that I packed. Towards the end of my hike I was lucky enough to see a medium sized fox lounging in the sun heading south on the Hemlock Trail.

This place is absolutely beautiful. You definitely need to pay attention to which trail you are on though because it does get a little confusing. We ended up starting on the bridle trail like the map but never cut over to the castle trail and ended up going about 4.9 miles instead, which had some amazing sites. Kinda steep in places though but the scenery is so worth it! The castle is too cool, highly recommend this hike.

Great workout

An easy path with a variety of trails. Great views along the way. ;)

Amazing, historic, scenic park. A must-see. Great for kids, too. We loved it!

on Lily Lagoon Loop

8 months ago

Short but beautiful. can combine with Chagrin River trail for beach access and additional distance.

I enjoy this trail quite frequently. I also add a few other side trails to have a total of 10.5 miles. I highly recommend!

This is a great trail and is not boring with the turns, a few small bridges and hills. You may see black or gray squirrels, owls and wildflowers in the Spring!

This trail felt like a hero's journey. It had it all - respectable changes in altitude, winding paths, wooden bridges and the sights and sounds of nature. As you approach the end of the trail, the castle and crown for the best trail-ending surfaces (no more spoilers). I highly recommend this trail.

9 months ago

Pretty hike, moderate. Overlook shelter is falling apart.

9 months ago

Nice little hike with views of Buttermilk Falls Creek, shale formations, and the falls. Standing water/muddy in the winter but relatively flat. Can be combined with All Purpose Trail and short distance from Sanctuary Marsh. Spotted deer trails and several squirrels.

Good distance. Nice change in elevation. Trails a bit muddy after recent rains. Our loop was 8.5 total miles.

My go-to park!

Monday, October 23, 2017

This park is beautiful with well maintained trails. There are numerous trail combos available so you can make your own way. I hiked around 7.5 miles total, starting and ending at the Strawberry picnic area. The best part by far was the Hemlock trail, very beautiful and peaceful hike along a ravine. Fall colors were great too!

Friday, October 20, 2017

wonderful hike and a beautiful place to get lost...

trail running
Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Awesome trail with lots of ups and downs.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Nice hike. Be sure to go the whole way to the marsh/swamp. It's stunning and the walking bridges are charming. We did see a few non hiking, non fishing, men who just stood around and made me feel a bit uneasy. There is a bunch of litter as well. Many beer cans. Other than that it was a fun hike.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

A fun place to hike, but the paths can get confusing

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