Moderate challenge on the west side of the river, falls are but a trickle if it has not rained lately. East side of river is flat and easy. Picturesque river views at certain points.

Very enjoyable and easy to hike. It had a fair amount of traffic but was relaxing.

Big trees. Big river.

A part of the trail had recently been bulldozed which left a very muddy mess. What a hack job! I picked up lots of fishing line and trash along the river bank. Not my favorite trail.

Easy Sunday trip with the family

Busy flat easy trail. The dam was nothing to look at ... lots of people fishing for carp along the river too.

A really great trail. Well kept, beautiful scenery. Will do again.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Nice trail. Fairly easy with a few hills

One of my favorite places to go and one of my favorite trails. I've gone so many times I know the trail very well. Added bonus it's only a 40 minute drive for me. Just a warning, there is no cell phone reception.

Beautiful hike, well maintained trail. We did the loop starting toward the falls around to Pleasant Dam and back to the covered bridge, close to 3 miles.

The trail is pretty easy for an average adult. Beautiful scenery but heavily trafficked all year round. Great place for families. The covered bridge is a great area for a picnic or to just relax.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Nice trail but very busy. Waterfall was a dribble at this time of year. Leaves were fantastic.

really busy

Great trail we opted to take the long route to big Lyons falls. The stairs kicked our butt and the long climb up did as well. Great terrain though gives you rocks roots and flat ground. Beautiful scenery even for being super busy due to Labor Day weekend.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Great trail for a day out with my young son. Well marked and easy to follow.

Clean, short, busy.

Amazing, some parts a little difficult to get to if you have a dog, but I can say my dog and I made it up a steep hill that you had to use hands and feet to climb but it was worth it at the top.

We've been many times, it's beautiful

One of the best and prettiest in Ohio

Hiked this with my wife, went to the falls also, about a 5 mile journey. not too hard and was a good time.

I've hiked this trail twice and found it to be more enjoyable in the fall than the summer, though that was due to recent rainfall which made the flow of water over the Big Lyons Falls more noticeable as well as the autumn foliage. The trail is fairly easy and suitable for families though there are a couple of moderately challenging parts, noticeably the climb up the Pleasant Hill Dam.

Have hiked this trail many times over the years....always a great time. Starting at the bridge and heading north to Pleasant Hill Lake, you can take the smooth and level trail that parallels the east side of the river and enjoy the excellent gorge, .75 miles. Once you reach the dam the fun starts...can't remember exactly how many steps, my guess is probably over 100, that you have to climb to reach the top of the dam for an excellent view of the Lake. Once there, do a 180 degree turn and head back on the West side of the river where the terrain is considerably more challenging and where you will encounter Little Lyons Falls and Big Lyons Falls on your 2 mile return to the Bridge. Depending on the time of year will dictate the amount of water running over the falls. Winter is always exciting........2.0 miles to return to bridge.

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