This was a lovely hike that was nice and quiet and pretty. I did find the trail a bit confusing though. At the trail head it says the trail is something like 1.18miles, but I think that is just one way. When you get to the old sugar shack (a stone footprint of a building and chimney) you have reached (I think) the farthest point, so if you walk towards and over the mountain biking board walk that will get you to the rest of the hike loop to go back to the trail head. Or if you came from that way, go over the board walk and look for the foot path across from the sugar shack. It's not as easy to spot as the mountain bike trail.

Beautiful Brisk walk. Also a lot more to do. Walk this trail and walk down to Wallace lake. And see the Waterfall. You can walk across the street and to the butterfly trail. BEAUTIFUL BACK IN THEM WOODS. It has a big hill at the end that some people might not want to walk back up. Saw a family of deer laying down. Beautiful view of the Rocky.river from above. NOTE: this was all on the Butterfly trail across the street.

Well marked path with lots of exercise equipment.

Not too easy, not too hard. I also thought the trail was a little confusing - ended up doing half yellow MTB trail and half red/sugarbush trail for about 3.5 miles. I liked that the terrain was slightly more primitive and the mature trees kept the trails well-shaded.

Small trail for a quick run, or walk. Great for small children.

Nice hike. We walk to where the bike trail intersects and turn back. Not a lot of people on this path. Trails do ride a little close to the edge of a steep hill so be safe with little ones.

1 month ago

Good hike, especially if you want to move fast. Trails are well maintained. Be alert of mountain bikers though when sharing the trail, so refrain from using headphones as a courtesy to them.

I found this trail to be slightly confusing. I will preface by saying this could totally be my fault and not the fault of the trail. Using AllTrails in conjunction with Apple Maps, I'm assuming my entry point was accurate, but maybe it wasn't. It looks like there are three trails here. I set out to do Sugar Bush Trail and apparently ended up doing part Sugar Bush, part Royalview, and part of the Red MTB Trail for a total of 7.6 miles hiked. That said, a word of caution because it can be easy to get off track and on another trail. Regardless, I still found this to be a great trail. Although I got lost, it was still a pleasant hike with some beautiful scenery. The trail was muddy in some spots but overall pretty dry. I would recommend this trail and plan on heading back.