trail running
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trail running
2 months ago

I started using this loop when I went back to running. Also have been known to take my rod and reel out here and find a nice eddy and sit back for a while along the east branch waiting for a fish to bite my line. Cute little trail along the East Branch. Easy and nothing to it really. Nice after dinner stroll before you take the family for ice cream or after dinner walk on date night.

Nice trail for all ages. Very muddy so be prepared before you go. Plus, there are some cliff sides higher up the trail without fences. Other than that a great trail!

Nice easy walk. Great views of rocky river. Good for all skill levels.

4 months ago

I have hiked this trail and the others at Royalview. Easy little hike, some cool spots for pictures.

8 months ago

Nice mostly flat walk. About half through the woods and half along the Valley Parkway, a two-lane road. The trail along the road is paved. This trail also features several exercise stations along the way with different suggested exercises to make the most of your walk.

this is a system of trails, one of my favorite local spots! come here a lot!

10 months ago

the trail was a little confusing, but solid. Beautiful scenery with slow elevation changes.