Maumee Bay State Park offers 1,336 acres of not only the finest of recreational facilities in the Midwest, but also a unique natural environment created by the convergence of the land and Lake Erie. The lodge, cottages and golf course are nestled among the scenic meadows, wet woods and lush marshes teeming with wildlife. The balance of recreational facilities with the natural world gives visitors a diverse experience in a coastal environment.

3 months ago

Great place to swim and picnic.

9 months ago

A nice trail through the eastern portion of Maumee Bay State Park. The boardwalk is well-maintained and passes through marshes and moist woods. Birds of varying varieties, deer and wildflowers are almost always present during warmer months. Turtles and sometimes snakes can be seen near the nature center at the trailhead, which has good displays of local wildlife within. But for the view from one observation tower, the lake is generally not visible. There are several loops which can be used to customize the distance to your preferences.

4 years ago

The Black Swamp provides a variety of changing scenery depending on the season, and the raised wooden boardwalk allows for easy accessibility to these sights. It is a great short trip for greenhorns and seasoned hikers. Bountiful wildlife! In one trip I spotted countless warblers, wrens, chickadees, catbirds, cardinals, 6 deer, and a red shouldered hawk.

5 years ago

Very nice trail; however boardwalk is extremely slippery in rain. I saw a lot of deer, and the scenery was beautiful.

on Boardwalk Trail

6 years ago

What I love the most about this hike is the lack of dog droppings on the trail dogs are not allowed on the trail, my second favorite is the wildlife,and the third is the changing weather and the differences on the trail the trees make nice shade. You can walk one mile a quarter of a mile or more.