Two eagle's nest and one visible adult eagle by parking lot. Makes this a 4 star. Boardwalk has a lot of brush on it but I guess they want it that way.. Poor signs to guide your way. Beach is suppose to be natural but it's fun to walk down and enjoy.

easy walking on the boardwalk, varied views with a bird sightings, great beach access. Perfect for newbie walkers.

Walked through today. I'm not a birder, but I guess I could be. Nah, probably not. People stop their cars all over the place on the roads and pretend that you don't exist behind them to get bird pics. Kind of funny, I was tempted to honk to scare the birds away. It must be a birder thing and I was out of my element, idk. Anyway, the boardwalk is cool with some monster cottonwood trees. The lake is there too and has nice views and you can scavenger through millions of shell debris. There is a main building/gift shop and it does have an extensive collection of stuffed birds and other wildlife. I'm sure it would be worth a look back during peak migration season. Plan on about two hours.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Short fun boardwalk, through swamp and woods. Excellent for birders. There are three other parks close by that would make it a fun full day of walking and exploring near the lake Erie shores.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

A boardwalk through a prime wooded swamp used by annual bird migrations across Lake Erie. Heavy usage during May warbler migration, Two bald eagle nests within 1/2 mile area. Boarders Lake Erie so undeveloped beach available. Restroom and nature center near entrance.