The Little Miami State and National Scenic River offers a trip into one of Ohio's most beautiful and historic areas. As the river twists and bends, visitors will discover many natural wonders such as steep rocky cliffs, towering sycamores and elegant great blue herons on the wing.

Very well maintained, right up alongside the river, and passing through some beautiful rural settings. If you are bicycling near the oregonia area, try mixing things up by connecting the bicycle ride with a short hike up to Fort Ancient from the bike trail.

Very nice! Scenic, flat, paved path to walk, run or bike on. I wish it had more portable potties on the path.

Flat, paved path, great for bicycles and walking.

Fantastic scenery and many other things to do in Loveland.

It is a bike trail. It is not road and it is not mountain biking. The trail extends from Newtown to Springfield Ohio over 75 miles and will soon will connect to Lunken Airport and on to the downtown Ohio river Banks water front

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