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A natural paradise, 2,983-acre Lake Hope State Park lies entirely within the 26,824-acre Zaleski State Forest in the valley of Big Sandy Run It is a rugged, heavily forested region traversed by steep gorges and narrow ridges Remnants of abandoned mining and iron producing industries amid the beautiful scenery provide interest and pleasure for hikers, photographers, nature lovers and historians alike at one of Ohio's most historic and scenic state parks

24 days ago

Heavy rains a few days earlier pretty much wiped evidence of the trail away in a few places. Just follow the ribbons and they'll keep you on track until the trail gets beat back in. Not a whole lot to see on this trail but having to pay attention to figure out the right to go made it more challenging and fun to me. Four decent size trees down across the trail but they're easy enough to get around or over. A few creek crossings that on this day were over tennis shoe deep.

A fun hike overall. Trying to figure out the AllTrails map not so much. The loop part of the hike is nowhere close to the AllTrails map. Easy enough to find your way just don't plan on matching up. Shortened the loop since I started too close to dark. I would rate this trail on the easy side of intermediate.

Over 8 miles! This was a great hike!

on Hope Furnace Trail

3 months ago

Hikes this in November with my wife. Some slick spots but still nice. Just need to pay a bit More attention. Lots of birds and ran I some deer on the back side of the lake. Would like to go back.

Perfect little challenge if you are looking for a little push in your hike with many other trails that intersect to add miles to your hiking day.

on Sidewinder Trail

off trail
washed out
3 months ago

Great trail but a bit tricky. AllTrails map not 100% accurate. Download Lake Hope State park map. Park entrance trail head only indicates bike trail but a half mile in you find split between Sandy and Sidewinder. At bottom of hill sign indicates left or right. Left takes you 0.4 mile to end at 278. Go right. About a mile further trail is lost to a swamp likely the result of a busy beaver who damned the creek. Lots of felled trees with beaver evidence. Thanks to someone, follow the ribbons along adjacent hillside for a work around. Trail ends at Sidewinder which takes you back to point of beginning. Great 6.5 day hike in the woods.

3 months ago

Been hiking this for years! Easy and beautiful trail!

Good trail with surprisingly rolling hills and ups

over grown
5 months ago

I really enjoyed this trail, but my friend had trouble in her shorts with so much overgrown vegetation. To each’s own :)

6 months ago

Trail was overgrown in spots and it was buggy.

Decent trail but not much in the way of scenery. It was a hot 90 degree day and I didn't see another soul on the trail. Not much mud despite all the recent rain and rain earlier in the day. There are small streams throughout which my allowed my pup to drink all he wanted and to cool off a little. The Yosemite Falls trail both had no falls (that I could see) and is completely incorrect on this map. If you go around counterclockwise as I did, there is a point where several trails converge at the top. I took the one with the sign that said "Yosemite Falls" and from that point the GPS never lined up with the map in AllTrails. It's probably a good 1.5 miles longer than indicated here and this portion has several downed trees that I had to go over, under or around. It also looks here like this part connects off the Yosemite trail but I didn't see anything like another trail connecting to the Falls trail. The trails have signs with arrows but not maps, which I found a little confusing when paired with the AllTrails map which has different names for parts. This led me to go the wrong direction for a few minutes before realizing my error. In all this "5.6 mile" trail was 8.4 miles according to my phone. Not a big deal but it was unexpected.

Very challenging in some areas. Not overly impressed with the views. Maybe we should have been on a different trail to see more of the lake.

Decent hike around lake hope area. Shared with mountain bikes but I only saw a few in my whole hike. Lots of ups and downs but no great views. The sandy trail was really overgrown.

Totally recommended. Well kept, signage great!

Map isn’t quite right. Actually ended up being between 6.7 and 7.1 miles (my fiancée logged the former using ResQwalk and I logged the latter using Charity Miles). GPS was off from the AllTrails map. The Yosemite Falls and Yosemite Trails don’t really intersect until the top most point of the map. And, sadly, we never saw falls at the top of the map (although some cool small falls in the first mile and a nice walk through the valley after that). The trail posts are far and few between with no blazes, but if you follow to the Yosemite Falls trail marker, there is a decent hilly loop back via Yosemite Trail. Mostly used by Mountain Bikers, it’s probably a great ride but a somewhat arduous and monotonous hike with no waterfall payoff. That said, the first 1-2 miles along the lake and into the hollow are beautiful, the trail was scarcely populated (which meant we could let the dogs run free for a bit) and it was a decent workout. If you are mountain biking, this could be fun and challenging. If you are looking to increase endurance, give this a try. But for views? We’d be more inclined to try the Iron Furnace out and back trail, which starts at the same spot, is 3 miles each way, and promises better views (but less isolation).

beautiful loop with a nice wide trail to run on. Easy to navigate, and right by the lake so you can smell the Water Lilies.

mountain biking
Sat Aug 18 2018

Very fun flowy trail. Somewhat sandy but fast.

The trail is 60% mountain bike trail, but there weren't many bikes on the trail (early May). It was a quiet hike through the forest with plenty of wildlife (deer, beaver, hawks, woodpeckers). My tracker (android) also gave 14.2 miles.

Fri Aug 17 2018

Really a fun trail. Out and back. We were lucky that the pink lotus blossoms were in bloom and carpeted the lake. It was so beautiful.

walked with my son in 2017. the lake was full of lilipads in bloom. definately a killer hill at the end.going counter clockwise as we did. i think it's more than 3 miles + the way the trails conected. then the walk back to the car as well. I'd recommend this for nature hike birding fishing alike.since there were spots to do those things along the way.

I hiked only a portion of this from Habron trail to Greenbriar trail. Pretty views of lake where it makes you feel like your no longer in Ohio at points. The trail splits a couple points so pay close attention to signs.

Tue May 15 2018

Nothing spectacular with this this trail. It’s a less traveled shortcut from the campsites to Habron/Bobcat/Copper trail. It intersects immediately after you hop a stream at a point that that doesn’t show 100% exact to the map. The key is walk a bit further to the north and there the more signs for Habron.

Hiked this trail on 5.13.18. Nice hike. The maps in the park are not exact so you’ll need use your best judgement in some sections where trails intersect or split but aren’t parked. You’ll cross some small streams and move around downed trees. A hike if properly timed can be capped with a trip through greenbrier trail up the Lake Hope Lodge for some excellent food and drinks. Enjoy!

Nice hike along a brook. Didn’t see anyone else on it.

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