3 months ago

Kuenning-Dicke Natural Area is well maintained and open to the public. There is a paved one mile loop trail that is used by walkers, runners, bicyclists and dog walkers. There are also inner and outer grass trails that are well maintained. There are various monuments to stop and look at and places to just stop and sit and enjoy the small lake that is at the center of the area. The paved trail connects to another paved path that leads you into New Bremen and the public park / pool - or you can stay on the 1 mile loop in the natural area. It is common to see squirrels, rabbits and even deer on occasion. There are numerous bird houses throughout so there are many birds to enjoy.
There is ample parking at the entrance and a single handicap accessible porta-potty which is maintained by a local corporation and is usually very clean. Handwashing is available also. There is a pet station with bags to clean up after your pet waste.
Very well kept area and enjoyable to walk, run or bike in.