Photos of Johnson and Harris M. Benedict Nature Preserves Trails

13 days ago

The trailhead is a little confusing as the sign says “Johnson Reserve” (not “Botanical Trail” as listed here) and has a 3-car parking lot... easy to miss if driving too fast. Also, at the start there is a sign saying it is .4 miles, but apparently the connected their trail to another nature preserve so it is longer than that. The initial section is nice but the extended trail is more spacious and open. I walked the full trail in the late fall and the leaves made it hard to keep track of the trail, but with a little focus it was doable. I will be back as it’s easy to tell this will be a beautiful trail when things green up in the spring. Also saw a large white-tailed deer during my walk. As stated by others, a soft whisper of expressway traffic is omnipresent but I did not feel it detracted from the walk... the preserve is straddling I-71 and some subdivisions so what else would you expect?