Very pretty but more of a simple walk than an actual hike. The history of this location is its best selling point.

We have been coming to the mounds for years. Love it!

This is exactly 2 miles and it's beautiful! Half in the woods and half in a field of mounds! My new favorite running trail

Pleasant little, well-maintained. Easy & enjoyable. Easy on our dogs. No way is this near 2 miles, though. Maybe around 1?

An easy stroll through the earthworks of the Hopewell Mound Group. The trail is a combination of grassy field paths, wooded paths, and gravel sections. A number of interpretive stations exist along the trail to help you create a vision of what this area was like some time ago! A nice view exists along this trail facing out over some of the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

11 months ago

A trail that has a nice path that's easy on the feet the first quarter-mile. It's mulched and soft to walk on. Then, the path transitions to open field as you make your way to the overlook point. At just over a half-mile one way, it is an easy walk out and back.