This trail is only available by guides at Holden Arboretum on certain dates. I didnt go to stebbin gulch hike. However, Holden arboretum charges $10 to go on their trails which are mostly graveled. Very easy walking. There is a canopy trail but you pay $14 instead of $10 if you want that. Overall, it wasnt worth the money to me. Ill give it a 3 star because it has potential and i didn't get to do stebbins gulch. I was told that the hike is difficult and dangerous and thats why a guide is necessary.

Bad directions. We didn't find loop.

8 months ago

We didn't find a loop or water falls?

9 months ago

1 year ago

Super short path around the creek. Not any real incline or declines. Not much to see in the winter as far as wild flowers.

3 years ago

4 years ago

A wonderful stream gorge with waterfalls and rock carvings... The ice was spectacular!