It's a great trail with a good mix of hills and flora. There are a few times that the path crosses the stream without a bridge.

Nice trail through different terrain. If you turn left, the climb is more gentle and the down piece at the end is not hard. Turn right in the beginning of you want a steeper start. Most of the trail is definitely easy.

5 months ago

This is a great trail. Sadly they tore out a small section that ran down between two hills. It was beautiful and lush and now gone.

My kids say this is their favorite trail we go to. This trail is s must see in the fall during peak foliage

6 months ago

Great trail..plenty of steps..lots of shaded areas

Definitely a great way to start getting back in shape
And a nice scenery as well

Great trail, very serene. Nice ups and downs but not too strenuous. Mostly through wooded area, short section through meadow.

7 months ago

This is one of the better trails in the area. It's good in all seasons. Lots of trillium in the spring.

There are actually two trails here: The Spring Hollow trail is a shortened version of the Adam Run Trail. At the far end of the parking lot, you can go left or right. Left goes along the creek, crossing it several times and is pretty leisurely for about a mile or so. Right heads uphill and gets steep pretty quickly, with a number of stairs in several spots. I usually go left.

The trail is wide and easy with aforementioned creek crossings. This first section (and on up to Top of the World) is pleasing because it's one of the few trails in the area that's not near roads. The Spring Hollow Trail goes to the right up a narrow, steep ravine after which you'll return to the parking lot (go right at the top of the ravine). The Spring Hollow Loop is about 1.6 miles. Go straight for Adams Run.

You'll continue through a grove of white pines (planted by a GS troop back in 1968 according to a sign there) and will eventually hike along the edge of some old fields at Top of the World. Then, you'll enter the woods again, following the trail back to the parking lot. The last stretch of the hike is close to Bath Road, which means traffic noise.

7 months ago

Awesome trail. Good amount of ups and downs, beautiful scenery. Great in all weather conditions... although some parts can be sketchy if it's too icy. Will definitely keep coming back to this trail.

8 months ago

Muddy but peaceful & relaxing

this on was muddy today, but a Nice hike. lots of incline.

Loved the views!

Loved the views!

9 months ago

Another great trail in the Summit Metroparks. Good mix of elevation, scenery and terrain.

One of my favorites... not too long, not too short and not too crowded!

11 months ago

Loved it! Varied, challenging for NEO, beautiful, 4 or so stream crossing, and not too crowded... but MUDDY! Prepare for the mud or go when it's been very dry. I had fun, and my dog certainly did too.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

One of my favorite hikes in the area. Great variety of scenery, trail composite-grass, dirt, leaves, gravel, moderate hills and lots of switchbacks across the stream. At least half the home you can hear the water running. Beautiful. Yup-this was a warm February so of course it was super muddy. Wear the right footwear for mud and great day on a warm winter hike!

Saturday, February 04, 2017

I work nearby the Hampton Hills MetroPark. Adam's run trail has been my go to spot when I want a hike/trail run that I can get to quickly after work. The beautiful scenery along with creek bottoms, meadows, forest and elevations makes the work out that much better.

on Adam Run Trail

Saturday, October 08, 2016

moderate difficulty. very nice during fall.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Beautiful trail following river bed. Also nice meadow too!

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