This was my first hike in 20+ years and it was great. I thought it would be a fairly easy walk and it was. I got a little nervous in the beginning, as there were quite a few sets of handmade stairs, but it was manageable. The beginning of the trail was quite crowded with young people, as it was a rare 60 degree February day. But the further we walked, the less people we saw until we were eventually pretty much by ourselves. I liked going off the main trails and exploring. We ended up in a bog and large field. Also went through the Raptor Center. The entire hike was enjoyable.
Note: it's $5 to park which I was not expecting. Also, the trails and paths aren't labeled so it was quite confusing to me. My friend could figure it out, thankfully so we never got lost. I'd go back for sure.

Trails aren't labeled so unless your gps is rocking and you want to stare at your phone the whole time, good luck. 5$ to park, wish that was listed before arrival. All in all, it was an ok trail for an afternoon walk.

I believe this is the same trail as the Clifton gorge, we loved it had a full day of hiking and enjoyed all the beauty. Definitely will be back again.

It's a gorgeous gorge!

Beautiful! I went in the evening there weren't a ton of people on the trail it was quiet and lovely! Lots to see :) could be marked better but easy enough to figure out

2 months ago

Awesome trails! I wish people would respect them more. Every single time I go I see people going off trail just to get a better picture, especially with the falls.

Glen Helen is one of my favorite places to go hiking, along with neighboring trails in John Bryan State Park. You will see some waterfalls, rock formations, a pine tree forest and creeks. My only complaint is that the trails are not marked. Take a map of the trails along with you if you don't hike these much.

nice trails, need better markings.

Beautiful views, but the trails are poorly marked.

Have hiked this trail too many times to count over the years. Great place to take the kids. A bit crowded on the weekends.

Nice moderate trail that can be made into a longer hike. A few nice spots to enjoy some natural views. If looking for a quiet hike this is not the place to go on weekends, spring, or summer time.