French Park

66 reviews

I just moved to the area and assumed the trails at this park would be paved but they’re not. I was happy to find something so close but so natural. It’s beautiful here. Lots of wildflowers, fungi and a small little water fall! I’m a pretty avid hiking and got a little lost since the trails aren’t clearly marked (on trail D) . There were two different times I came to an intersection and had to just guess which trail to take. It not that rural so it’s fine but they should be marked. The two separate people I came across had dogs, not on a leash. Which isn’t a huge deal if they stay on the trail but 1) it’s the law and 2) I’m trying to train my rescue pup to ignore other dogs and be obedient on a leash and it’s hard to do when dogs come up to her. I also wore Tevas since I assumed it would be a very easy, paved hike. Definitely wear boats if it’s wet like it was today!