If you start the loop going counter clockwise, you will get the great overlooks in the first half of the hike (if you turned around at this point and went back, you wouldn't miss any other views but some pretty good wooded scenery). The waterfall can be heard, but it is completely over grown and cannot be seen from the rim trail. This trail is less crowded than others in the area, and does not allow dogs on the trail. Unfortunately, the second half of the trail is VERY close to a fairly busy road, kind of destroying some of the peacefulness of the hike.

Great views from the top. First hike in this section, but won't be the last. Steps part if the way up, with roots and rocks the rest of the way, but not bad!

beautiful easy hike with a beautiful surprise at the end.

14 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous trail, 100x better than the Gorge Trail

Honestly surprised to see concrete sidewalk for 75% of this trail, would have thought Old Man's Cave would have been first for that, the only reason I gave it any stars is because of the white clay deposit down by the lower falls that you can wet down and smear on your hands to do a more natural "rock signing" with hand prints or initials instead of the "frowned upon carvings"

I loved this trail! I’m definitely not the hiking type and I already wanna go back once the trees start changing color! It will be even more beautiful.

Cool space, very easy hike with great accessibility, which explained then numbers when I went. Would recommend to those in the area of the neighboring trails that are abundant there.

New to hiking and this by far is a must do trail very awesome trail . Awesome views as well !