It was a beautiful trail. Took our toddlers. Was easy enough for them and they really enjoyed the waterfall.

1 month ago

nice short easy trail that takes you into the woods, nice scenery and nature walk, paved

beautiful w dramatic scenery

Great trail that's not too crowded. When you park you might see a ton of people, but almost all of them are going to the gorge trail. If you have the willingness to climb a little you will be rewarded with a trail with very few people and lot of great views. Take care though that there are some spots where you hike pretty close to the edge of the rim and you really need to pay attention to avoid tripping over tree roots or rocks. The initial climb is steep but it is mostly stairs instead of an actual trail.

Beautiful views, not crowded in the AM. Took my 15 month on this, need a baby carrier but it was well worth it. No dogs allowed, you really get a taste of hocking hills and the grandeur of this area is on full display.

Very pretty trail! After the pavement stops there is a waterfall worth going forward for.

Paved trail with lots of other trail head intersections. Great for kids in strollers.

3 months ago

Solid loop. The rim views are amazing. Lots of stairs so be prepared.

Simply gorgeous. Especially in the fall and winter.

4 months ago

Amazingly beautiful for an easy lovely hike. We almost skipped this one- don't, it was so beautiful especially on a 90+ day!

4 months ago

This rim trail hike was very beautiful. After a rain, you need to be careful. There are signs and warnings indicating people have fallen to their death or serious bodily injury. On the day we went, it was two days after a rain and the ground was wet in many areas. We then hiked into the gorge which I thought was a little more beautiful.

4 months ago

Love this area and the overlooks are absolutely breathtaking

This was a great trail! Very peaceful and beautiful. Definitely continue on after the paved portion ends. My boys and I had the waterfall area at the end to ourselves for a while on a Sunday afternoon. We loved it! Look forward to a return trip!

Awesome views. Keep children close at hand. Some parts of the trail lead you right along the cliff edge.

Beautiful views. Paved trail made it easy to take our little ones. The rock formations are high, and the plant life is amazing. Surprised this isn’t more well known.

Beautiful from start to finish. The trail is very close to the edge of the cliff at times but oh so worth the fright. It can be strenuous at times due to the steps and incline at the beginning but this levels out and the rest of the hike is relaxing and easy. My favorite part: very few hikers on a Friday.

6 months ago

Love this trail!

Easy trail but you definitely need to continue past the end of the paved trail. The gorge continues to narrow until it comes to a point ending with a waterfall. One of the coolest areas in the entire region.

We did the entire park. It’s not large, but the gorge is cool. Some high, sheer drop offs. Go here to avoid the crowds that Old Man’s cave has.

7 months ago

Really amazing trail. One of the best in hocking hill area. Beware of sharp cliffs. You can hear the water fall around the rim. Well marked but can be a bit tricky during rain.

This trail is great, and the views are breathtaking....especially during the fall when the foliage is at its peak!

We debated hitting the East and West Rim trail but decided we would push ourselves. This proved to be the best decision we made all day. The trail led us straight up the side of the gorge which was quite demanding. When the trail finally leveled out we were baffled. We had stumbled upon the best trail we hit all day. The trail followed the gorge edge overlooking the rolling hills in the distance and the tops of the massive mature trees in the surrounding area. Mangled roots and slabs of rock lined the trail with awe-inspiring views. What a perfect way to end our hiking for the day.

The Gorge trail was mostly paved but disappeared near the end for some awe inspiring views and another set of falls.

on East & West Rim Trail

8 months ago

This was a great trail. We did it in mid-March. The trail is clearly marked and easily accessible. There are some steep edges and drop-offs so no kids. It is an easy hike but with it for the beauty.

My favorite trail in all of Hocking Hills. The views are amazing on the east rim trail. It's a bit of work to get up it, but more than work it. My recommendation is to start on the east and follow the trail counter clockwise. The west side of the rim is okay, but nowhere near as amazing as the east.

I can't understand why this isn't visited more. This is one of my favorite hike of all the trails in Hocking Hills (the rim is even better). The gorge is amazing with the massive cliff faces surrounding it. There are multiple caves along the trail as nice as Whispering Cave and even close to Old Man's Cave. For some reason, they paved the trail for most of the way. As soon as the pavement ends, the trail gets really good.

The outer loop is very neat with scenic spots along the way. Take your time and enjoy the easy trail.

One of my favorite trails

Beautiful scenery and cedar pines!

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