The Christmas Rocks State Nature Preserve is near SR-33 and SR-22 near the Lancaster bypass. The trail begins at the Mink Hollow covered bridge over Arney Run then leads up a gravel road, past a gate, and along a double track trail to two loops. The first loop is Jacob's Ladder where there is a picturesque view to the west. The second loop is Christmas Rocks loop named for the Christmas ferns that line the trail. There are many "No Trespassing" signs but they only pertain to the properties to the left and right of the road. The nature preserve owns the road and trail loops. On the far end of the Christmas Rocks loop are wooden steps down a cliff. They are NOT part of the trail and just lead down to a hunting lodge. The trail is rated "Hard" only for the part of the trail that climbs the cliff face up to the view on Jacob's Ladder. Approached from the other orange trailhead where you'll see wooden steps the trail is no more than "Moderate" The best time to photograph the view is in the very early morning with the sunrise to your back illuminating the valley to the northwest.