Decent little hike, did both loops twice, did them once looking for a great sunrise view, turns out there is only one excellent view, I'd say the trail is moderate at best it's not that hard to do

nice scenery (For Ohio)

Gets the heart rate up and offers a good workout with both loops. Great view, worth the climb!

Challenging but doable hike. Easy trail to a view at the top!

Nice!!! Big trees and a lot of rock formations. Needs to be marked better

First time hiking this trail, and we really enjoyed it. I recommend a route straight up Old Mill Hollow Road, and then taking the first (southernmost) turn onto the Jacob's Ladder Trail (orange blazes), returning to the mail trail (Old Mill Hollow) and immediately taking the southern trailhead for the Christmas Rocks trail. It'll return you to the central trail having done both the side loops, and this gets the (rather big and steep) hills over with quickly, letting the second half of the hike relax you into a mostly-downhill walk around the Christmas Rocks trail and back to the start. Trail is well marked and easy to follow, but in parts is pretty darn steep - if you're going soon after rains when the ground is damp, bring poles or you're likely to lose footing on some of the downslopes.