I loved this little hike, I did a few loops around and made it into about 6.5 miles in all. Definitely some steep parts, but overall very easy. I agree that you can still hear the sounds of the road and trains, but that didn’t really bother me. I thought the paths were very well marked, and my dogs loved it!

A few trails need to be updated but overall a great park!

This trail is great if you have small children. I've been on this trail before but I stayed up high on the trials. Today we stayed low in the shallow creek bed. We took it all the way down and from the distance could see a small pool like area. Got down there and it was mill creek as far as the eye could see both ways!!! It's shallow enough at the point to walk across. Came to the waist of my 6yr old! Bring a change of clothes if you plan to take the creek bed down to the larger creek.

This was my first hike along the trail and I was not impressed. Starting off the trail was wide, well marked and well maintained. However, as we followed the trail we kept reaching unmarked forks in the trail. We had to keep guesing which fork would continue us on the loop. When we would guess wrong the trail would eventually reach a dead end, or continue down a clearly unofficial trail.

To make matters worse, there are sections of the trails that have been closed, but the trail markers that exist at those forks have not been updated. The trail markers still cheerfully direct you down paths that are obviously closed (tree trunks placed over the path and mostly overgrown).

I doubt we will come back to hike the trails again.

I love this Preserve! It is a hidden jewel! Spring is the best time same as fall. Not too many people know about this park so you get the park for yourself! Our dog loves it too!

We enjoy the hills and views. A couple areas are a bit challenging. i.e. Getting across fallen trees, or a slope that may be slippery. Fun

In the winter this trail doesn't get you far away from the train and street noise or the golf course to really feel like you are in nature. Might try it again once the leaves are on the trees.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Nice little park with several loops. Two of the loops are technically close though people still use them and just go around the downed trees.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Very fun and beautiful hike. They've closed the trail down by the Mill Creek as well as the two loops further away from the parking lot due to the ash trees. The trail down by the creek has fallen into some disrepair and involves a little bit of scrambling to follow the original path. You can still get to the creek easy enough and can follow your path in back out. The second loop from the parking lot is still very accessible. It was getting late and the path to the third loop was difficult to find (never did find it) so we saved that for next time. A beautiful forest with large old trees, creeks and the river. Easy to moderate.

7 months ago

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