Caesar Creek State Park is highlighted by clear blue waters, scattered woodlands, meadows and steep ravines The 3,741-acre park offers some of the finest outdoor recreation in southwest Ohio including boating, hiking, camping and fishing

Best hike I've done in Ohio! Challenging in areas, I loved that it got hilly and narrow. However, didn't like that parts of it were on the main road. Make sure to pay attention to signs because it's easy to get off track to other trails at some parts (I recommend taking a phone picture of the trail markers to refer to). Also, according to the maps the trail is actually 13 miles not 11 and takes roughly 5 hours.

Loved it! Very interesting trails with beautiful views!

Great hike! Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because of the slightly sketchy highway walk.

Beautiful my kids love and i love it❤

I love this place it's beautiful