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Caesar Creek State Park is highlighted by clear blue waters, scattered woodlands, meadows and steep ravines The 3,741-acre park offers some of the finest outdoor recreation in southwest Ohio including boating, hiking, camping and fishing

Very muddy today. Beautiful in its simplicity.

Just did the Harveysburg loop. It rained all night so really muddy. Would like to try it again in spring when it’s easier to get over the creek to the Ward loop. Nice day for Dec. Never saw another person even though temps in mid 50’s.

1 month ago

We did the entire perimeter loop for 12.8 miles. There were really good stretches of this hike but the two sections where you have to walk on the road to get around the lake were kind of a bummer. Not at all strenuous, beyond just a longer distance. I enjoyed it but there are much better day hikes elsewhere and prob wouldn’t come back. Trail was well marked and maintained.

like most said. lots of sights. go to the fossil overflow and see stone fossils.

Many good views in the fall...

Had one of my best hiking experiences here. Yesterday was my first time there and I cannot wait to go back. So serene and the trails were definitely moderate which I enjoy. I only did 6 miles but it was great! I highly recommend this place for some great spiritual hiking.

We parked at the Pioneer Village then hiked out and back. We followed a couple other small trails on the way back to extend the hike to 5.5 total miles. The waterfall is small but cool, the rock cliff is surprisingly fun, and the lake gives great views. The trail is very clean and amazingly marked with blazes and signs.

My son and I thoroughly enjoyed this hike. The trail was well maintained, and we enjoyed the scenery- lake, 2 waterfalls, limestone cliffs, a beautiful visitor’s center and the pioneer village. We encountered just a few hikers/runners, and most of the trail was away from road noise. The hills were moderate and the trail was easy to navigate. We decided we would like to do this loop again in the spring and enjoy the wild flowers.

I enjoy hiking with my wife nice trail we found a friend a straight cat somebody dump it in the trail and he start following us the whole trail in and out we feel bad and we took it home he was hungry

Very pretty Trail and kept up nicely. I love to walk my dog here, he enjoys running up the stairs that were built. I really like that you can combine it with other trails and have a long hike.

my wife and I enjoy the trail woods area the only problem was the sing direction need to be better. this app help me alot find the way I will do it again

Awesome trail with some really cool sights!

The trail was beautiful but the wooden walkways need repaired. The planks have uneven gaps widely spaced apart. I think the area was the old mill on the way to the falls. My dogs leg went through the planks and she needed stitches. Also the trail wasn’t marked very well. Drove around and around looking for the trail.

Great wooded trail. Good waterfalls and cliff overlook. Great foliage too

3 months ago

It is an excellent trail up to horseshoe falls. My purpose was to photograph the falls; and they were stunning.

3 months ago

Perfect hike for me and my 12 year old nephew. We connected this hike with the Cove and Peninsula trails for a round trip of nearly 3.5 miles. Highly recommend extending to the Peninsula Trail, as there are some really nice views of the lake. There is also a fantastic little nature center right down the road, and Pioneer Village is right next door.

3 months ago

Trail connects with the welcome center, and can be extended to connect up with the rim trail that encircles the entire south side of the lake. There is a wonderful little place on the water to take a lunch break - the butterflies seemed to think so, too!

3 months ago

Completed this as part of the Loop Trail. Well maintained, with a nice overlook of the creek and a swinging bridge. Pioneer village is also a wonderful place to take a break and eat some food from your pack.

Absolutely fantastic scenery, was continuously surprised all the way around. At times you are right up next to the water, and other times in the thick of the woods. The eastern half felt more remote. Can link up this route with the George Loop trail to avoid some of the road travel. Very well maintained route - quite possibly the best day hike in Ohio.

Nice hike. I stretched it out to 15.9 with a couple of the side trails thrown in. Will definitely do it again possibly take the Buckeye Trail further north from the bridge to the north end of the lake and back. Lost my Fitbit in the last couple of miles before you get to the bridge on the west side if anyone comes across it:)

I cant quite call it "as good as it gets" (which is a 5 star apparently), but this was a beautiful, easy hike. There was a fun rope bridge and a small waterfall, and if you take a detour to the pioneer village, there are some cool old buildings. One of my favorite trails I've found so far!

3 months ago

Perfect little loop! You can take the nature trail off the loop and cross the road to link up with some other trails in the area if you want an extension.

4 months ago

Beautiful, very easy trail that takes you to a creek with a waterfall. It’s fun to wade in, maybe only three feet at the deepest. Definitely would make a cute picnic place.

This is a long hike (13.4 miles for me) with some short uphill sections. The trial has lots of tree roots so watch your steps.

I was there on a very warm Saturday in mid-September and there were NO bugs the entire 13 miles! This was HUGE plus!

The South part of the lake is much prettier than the north-east side.

There are no functioning drinking fountains at the restrooms so I had to drink from the sinks. That was a negative.

4 months ago

worth the trip to spend the day in the woods

4 months ago

great fun for the family smaller kids need a hand now and then

the trail was well maintained and a perfect hike for our 2 dogs. there are a lot of stairs but it wasnt bad. there is a nice area we let the dogs play in the creek just off the path.

Okay trail. I used it for running and got lost which is probably my own fault but the trails were a bit overgrown and very technical. I would recommend this trail for hiking and enjoying nature rather than running. Very beautiful had I taken the time to enjoy it.

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