kid friendly


2 days ago

So many options and all are easy if you stay on a path. The main path is paved and alongside the road. While lots of people use it i have not seen it overcrowded. There are a few places to stop along ye way - picnic area or swings of river. The dirt paths are adventurous, fun and occasionally challenging. If you choose to go into the riverbed be careful - it is super fun but not always easy or moderate. I go here at least weekly and do something different each time.

3 days ago

Great hike. And although its not quite a "mountain view" the My Mountain View area is a beautiful extra on this trail.

A lot of steep hills both up and down. Recommend starting at the trail head so you don't see the best parts first.

I was very disappointed that the most beautiful area of this trail was marked "no trespassing". Disappointed and a little pissed tbh.

Beautiful views along the gorge. Well marked trail. Not super difficult. Will definitely be one to do more often.

Nice little cave and ledge like features. But if you explore above the small waterfall near the cave the way the water has carved out its path in the rock is kinda cool if you ask me.

1 month ago