Great trail! Very well marked, scenic, great elevation to break up the flat parts.

One of my favorite trails.

Beautiful trail. At times the red trail was poorly marked. The carpet of leaves could not give hints when the markings were poor. Not many other hikers for a Saturday afternoon. Challenging terrain at times which made it fun. Nature center was very nice. Nice to have restrooms as well.

Nice hills to break a sweat. Pretty busy on this beautiful fall day. If you seek total solitude try another trail

7 months ago

Nice trail, but the overlap with the bridle trail is an annoyance. There was also one section unclearly marked when doing the trail clockwise--about halfway through (starting at nature center), I made my way down a section of trail that must have been closed down, but it still had a faded red trail marker on its path. Once down the steep closed off section, it was unclear whether to go left or right on the trail you meet (the answer is left). I guess what you're expected to do instead is follow the buckeye trail back up to the road and then back down... this was clearer going counter clockwise. I wouldn't go back here with my dog because there's too much bridle trail overlap. Salt Run a bit further south has similar difficulty and elevation, but is in my opinion nicer and has no horses/horse poo, so I'll stick to that one. Still a nice trail, with some very challenging sections mixed in with natural beauty.

Loop trail is very peaceful and somewhat scenic, moderate hike. Great for dogs and children. Never heavy traffic in early morning. I visit almost weekly! Buckeye trail also runs through here.

Getting there from the nature center was definitely a hike but was pretty worth it. The cave was neat.