I went as soon as the park opened and it was such a beautiful and peaceful place. I only did a few of the loops and it took me around an hour and a half. It was very hilly at some points so I got a good workout in, that’s for sure! The trail was well kept, there was even a ranger there mowing a field, and besides from him, I’m pretty sure I was the only one there. You DO need a
permit to see the waterfalls, which you can get online and I think it only takes a few days to get back. I stuck to viewing the ponds and it was nice enough for me.

I also saw a box turtle, hawk, and a deer, which were all good company. I can’t wait to explore more!

Very nice trails and well marked. At a steady pace the trail took about 3 hours to walk. Nice gazebo at the lake to rest and have a break. On the trail there were deer, squirrels, chipmunks and plenty of bird species. I would give the trail a moderate to hard rating. Enjoy

Pretty nice trail, has some hills but otherwise easy trail. Pretty ponds and rock scenery.

One of our very favorites. Some up and down but nothing too difficult. Lightly traveled most times. Trails are very well marked. Variety of ecosystems. Great trail

7 months ago

Awesome place. Well marked and very well maintained.

10 months ago

not a bad little trail, not hard at all maybe moderate at best, did all the side trails one way then the main Buckeye trail back, super quiet didn't see or hear anybody until after 12pm, little perturbed that I saw a couple with a dog and off the leash even, figured they just simply can't read since they passed 3 signs that state "pets prohibited", other than that I'll enjoy visiting again in spring

11 months ago

Great trails. Did all the loops and back up to the north trail head which was about 7 miles total. I wouldn't classify as hard myself but definitely more challenging than most trails in Ohio. Lots of steep inclines and varied terrain with a few stream crossings. Permit is required to go to Robinson Falls which was worth the wait to receive. Take water, there are NO fountains or wells. Saw lots of wildlife including squirrels, chipmonks, deer and a fox.

11 months ago

Visiting a family member close by so I thought I would try it. It's short, but is rated hard, so I thought it might require some decent exertion. I'd call it moderate if the Shawnee north and south trails are a true "hard". Well groomed. Well marked. Switchbacks on the climbs and decents. Streams for water (but short enough trail you can carry). Quiet- no car noise until right upon Bremen Rd and no other hikers on a gorgeous fall Friday. Little traveled. Will do it again when in the area.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

So I was flipping through my August 2017 copy of "Backpacker" magazine and on page 22 it showed a beautiful waterfall. Then the location in the Hocking Hills of Ohio piqued my interest. It's in a nature preserve and a permit is required so I got one. (You can email it in and they send you the permits and maps as pdf files. I got mine the next day.) The trail through the Preserve is a 4.2-mile trail that passes through woods, around ponds, and near numerous recess caves. It is accessed from the East, North, or West trailheads but, if it has been raining, don't use the West because the creek is too deep and there are no evident ways to cross. Use the North or East trailheads. The trail itself is an easy hike with switchbacks where necessary. I was impressed by the number of unblemished beech trees that lined the trail and that not one had any initials carved into it. I guess that folks respect Nature Preserves. The trail is rated as Hard, but it's really Moderate. There were no Hard areas. And the trail itself is particularly well-blazed and signed.

Permit required.

West Trailhead 39*37.648’ 082*25.906’
North Trailhead 39* 38.002’ 082* 25.110’
East Trailhead 39* 36.905’ 082* 23.910’
Park Office 39* 37.473’ 082* 24.164’

Sunday, June 04, 2017