So beautiful on a fall day . Easy with kids .

Loved it!! Great hike, great views.

What a great trail. Thanks to all those who do the hard work to maintain it. North and South Paw Paw trails bisect it making it possible to do all sorts of workout routes of varying difficulty. I backpack it for strength training and run it for aerobic endurance workouts. Have taken my grandson on it at night with headlamps. The tree trunks are punctuated by the glowing eyes of huge wolf spiders. Hiking it in winter snow and ice with crampons is a treat because you’ll have it all to yourself. It is an absolute treasure. Try running it to the soundtrack of “Last of the Mohicans”. Don’t miss the spring display of all sorts of wildflowers.

Well maintained, picturesque and challenging. Water feature too!

Healthy climbs, can take Paw Paw Gap Trail as a shortcut. Downhill Eagle Scout Trail is very nice. Benches at different lookout points. Slippery when wet.