Cool place. Scenic views of Tinkers Creek along many parts of the trail. Will definitely be back in the future.

We enjoyed a sunny day on the trail. It's definitely worth stopping by Bridal Veil Falls on your way to the overlook!

We were able to hike the falls side today. What a difference in scenery within a week! It was a balmy 15 degrees today, but we liked the frozen falls. Nature is beautiful in all seasons.

We decided to go to the left and hike down Tinker's Creek. There is a detour that takes you of off the AllTrails map and loops you around back to the trail. It has to add over a mile to what the mileage states.

That being said, we saw a runner run through the No Admittance sign after we had just finished the detour, so on the way back we went through as well, as we started fighting daylight. There was no difficulty getting through it, but there is an area where the land eroded and the trail disconnects. I could see this being a problem for a horse, since this is a bridal trail, but for hiking...just step off to right or left and walk through a bit of rocks, but nothing major.

I saw that there were hikers who made it a loop but at this time of year, you can't get across Tinker's Creek. It is too far across and not enough big rocks to make it all the way. You have to keep this an Out-and-Back. Awesome trail, though.

Cool views and great trails along the river

8 months ago

beautiful year round! pretty easy too

11 months ago

Friday, June 24, 2016