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Established in 1978, Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a United States National Park comprising three geographically separated areas of badlands in western North Dakota. The park was named for U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, who owned and worked for a few years on a ranch now preserved in the park. The park covers 110 square miles (285 km²) of land in three sections: the North Unit, the South Unit, and the Elkhorn Ranch. The park's larger South Unit lies alongside Interstate 94 near Medora, North Dakota. The smaller North Unit is situated about 80 mi (130 km) north of the South Unit, on U.S. Highway 85, just south of Watford City, North Dakota. Roosevelt's Elkhorn Ranch is located between the North and South units, approximately 20 mi (32 km) west of US 85 and Fairfield, North Dakota. The entire park is contained within the Little Missouri National Grassland, and the Little Missouri River flows through the park. The Maah Daah Hey Trail connects all three units.

1 day ago

Full disclosure my wife and I only hiked to the prairie dog town and back. Good prairie views and of the concretions, and of course the prairie dogs.

The higher elevation parts are the best. Saw just a few people and was glad because at one point I thought we lost the trail. Hiked with Donna Tomlinson.

Beautiful views at sunset!

Super easy & beautiful walk out to the remnants of the Old East Entrance. If this is at the end of your scenic loop (depending on which way you drive) it’s a nice way to stretch your legs and get up close to some prairie dogs!!

Loved this hike, Wind Canyon is beautiful! The fall colors just setting in against the light colored rocks. The red grasses were my favorite! You must see the sunset from there!

Super short hike but very well worth it to see the overlook.

Very pretty hills and mud formations.

Nice view. Interesting rock erosion.

Wonderful trail that lets you see everything the park has to offer in about three hours. We started on the nature trail and it was fun to learn all the diffrent plants and rock formations so we could point them out as we went. It goes from the valley floor to high ridgelines and has great views of the river. There was even wild buffalo right on the trail.

21 days ago

It's a short walk from the road and it has stunning views of the valleys below. We saw several different groups of bison and mule deer from the high point at the end of the trail

Very good nature trail, the guide at the start of the trail was very informative and I learned a lot. Also had spectacular views

Worth the short walk. You go right through a prarie dog town up to a beutiful stone building

My husband and I did this trail in August, 2018 at the recommendation of park rangers, we wanted some experience with an overnight hike. It was a hot day and we had plenty of water and our filter, however thee was no water source to use to refill or filter, the juniper campground was close to the trail so we hiked there to refill then tried to find a spot to pitch our tent. The trail had some very poorly marked areas, we went off the main trail several times, making this 12 mile hike over 16. Had it not been for the excellent AllTrails app, not sure we would have found the trail. We did see beautiful peaks and a lone bison which we gave wide berth. Prairie dog town was cute, you are very close to them. The final few miles were impossible to find the trail so we hiked on or near the road.

25 days ago

Great trail with varied scenery, good elevation, tons of prairie dogs, and wonderful views. we combined this trail with a part of the maah daah hey trail to make it a loop. We even saw a bison right off the trail!

30 days ago

An absolute must see!! This might me be my favorite trail in the Southern Loop! You can't beat the view

Easy out and back, fairly flat hike. Beautiful wildflowers and hilly views. Great to see a small piece of national park history in Colonel Roosevelt's National Park.

Excellent hike. Beautiful views of multiple life zones from top to bottom and back up again. It is a loop. Aa a large family from toddlers to grandparents in their 70s, this took an hour. Later, a casual run took about 10 minutes. Some segments of the trail had bison hoofprints. Incredible views of the badlands.

Bison tracks on the trail at multiple locations. Beautiful views. Once at the top, continue on with the trail (not part of the official loop) for another, more stark ending and greater exposures. only ads an extra 5-10 minutes.

The June day we hiked was perfect 70F, partly cloudy with a mild breeze. The grass was green and flowers in full bloom. The main challenges were crossing the Little Missouri River and the Knutson Creek. The trail had some steep areas when leaving the valley getting up to the plateau, but nothing too slick or dangerous. We crossed through a pass and came across a geological formation of gray sandstone just couple hundred yards off trail. We hike through the grass to examine the structure. We were rewarded with close encounter to the sandstone shield with pillars and capstones. It was about 75 foot in diameter and 40-foot-tall with no growth on it. We climbed around and enjoyed lunch before continuing on trail. We looped on the Big Plateau Trail back to the river. Most hikers do not cross the river, our hike was quiet and we did not see any other hikers after crossing river. One note, ticks are heavy in this area, make sure to use Deet liberally and monitor. I give this a 4 star for well marked, easy to follow trail and the quiet colorful environment.

For North Dakota this is a good trail. it's a little hard to follow sometimes but doable. I didn't see a single person on the trail the whole time.

Coming down last 30 minutes was a little rough on my knees because of the steep decent but that's a personal problem.

Highly recommend it

1 month ago

Nice short hike with great views. We hiked this trail at sunset for photos and again the next day. Both had great views of the Little Missouri and area wildlife.

Great views of the park and valley below.

Great nature trail with nice views.

This trail was somewhat overgrown and is primarily used as a connector trail for some of the wilderness trails and the Jones Creek trail. The trail is not well marked and can get confusing with many of the horse and bison trails in the area.

1 month ago

Great Views of the park. We hiked to the overlook across from the visitor's center and made a one mile trail in and out.

1 month ago

I hiked this trail in August and luckily it was dry. Encountered a Bison rolling in the dust and wild horses. Great scenery but more of a trail for wild horses and Bison.

Seemed harder than it was because of the heat, but this trail has beautiful views.

beautiful views.

Short lollipop loop that gives an up-close look at the Badlands' rocks and plants. Trail is somewhat steep but very popular because it starts at an interstate rest area. I would avoid this trail if it has rained recently: Badlands dirt turns into sticky goop when you add water.

1 month ago

Nice, short hike--great views of rock formations and the river. It would be a great introductory hike for kids.

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