Nice trail with lots of signs because it does get confusing which way to go with all the challenge trails and access roads. The mosquitoes were out and some parts of the trail were worse than others, but we didn’t use bug spray, so we did get bit a few times. We didn’t find any ticks though. We did see three deer, one doe and two fawns. When we initially pulled up, there was a large metal gate that was closed and locked but had signage about only being open on weekends during the day, but there wasn’t a parking lot so I just parked to the side so I didn’t block the gate. A trash can and bags are provided to clean up after pets. Great trail for kids to play but be aware of bikers, there were a few groups that came through and the trail is pretty narrow in some parts. Only a 10-20 mins drive from Minot. We’ll be back but definitely bringing the bug spray.