2 months ago

Perfect casual stroll.

4 months ago

Easy trail. Plan to return in the Fall.

very paid to play type of trail, almost more worried about grooming and legal issues than keeping it natural. short and lots of snakes on the trail.

Beautiful easy walk around the lake, historic mill and many wildflowers in the spring.

This trail was great, my wife and kids and I all had a great time. A lot to see and explore.

What kind of trail doesn't allow dogs?! This is a worthless park.

11 months ago

Enjoyed my hike on the Creekside Trail. Went on a Sunday afternoon in July, and only encountered one other person while on the trail (plenty of people are on the the trail around Yates Mill Pond). Not the most scenic of trails, but was lucky and saw some wildlife including two plain belly water snakes, a fawn, and lots of turtles. I'm a novice hiker, so it took me about 2 hours to go out and back, but I also went slow after I almost stepped on a water snake in the early going. Trail was clearly marked for the most part, and only time I wasn't sure which way to go was when the loop started, so it worked out well. The NC State farms are visible most of the hike.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Walked the trail with wife and kids. Great time and very beautiful!