The Sandhills region consists of nearly one million acres in south-central North Carolina. In the midst of this sandy terrainfamous for golf courses, peach orchards and horse farmsis Weymouth Woods, a 900-acre natural preserve. A nature preserve, Weymouth Woods is different from traditional parks. This limited-use area serves to preserve and portray the natural features unique to its region. Weymouth Woods is a place where you can look at the longleaf pine forest and see how human actions have affected the environment, where you can learn about rare and endangered speciesthe red-cockaded woodpecker, the pine barrens tree frog and the bog spicebush. Walk the sandy paths of Weymouth Woods. Look to the canopy of its stately trees. Listen to the sounds of its woodlands. The fox squirrel, the longleaf pine and the role of fire are just a few of the subjects nature teaches in this fascinating ecosystem.

Great park with a very helpful staff! We thoroughly enjoyed this park and the trails. There are enough trails to customize the trip and make it as long or as short as you would like. We hiked 4 miles and thoroughly enjoyed the park. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to check out the Sandhills region.

3 months ago

Great trail for a short hike with the dog

Nice hike with my wife this afternoon. We did enough of the loops to get in 4 miles and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Sandhills are home for me and I always enjoy hiking in the long leaf and loblolly pine groves. We did not see any wildlife. The hardwoods were beginning to change color and were very pretty as were many of the small under-growth plants.

As we are now "senior citizens" we found the walk to be more "moderate" than "easy" but certainly easy enough for us.

Because of the recent rains from hurricane Matthew, some of the trails had a few ruts created by the runoff but all were passable and well maintained. The young lady at the welcome center was very helpful and provided us plenty of good information about the park.

It was a fun easy to moderate hike. The trail has some hills and is super sandy, of course. It was really pretty though even though the recent rains had turned some of the smooth path into ruts which increased the difficulty. It was great for a nice short hike with my dog though. I did the 1.5 or so mile loop twice. There are pretty gardens in the property too and a nice gallery.

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Monday, November 02, 2015

Nice walk. Not challenging, but great NC scenery. I managed around 4 miles or so and got a nice workout. A few runners on the trail; all ages - seniors to infants carried by parents.

Great family walking area. You can choose an easy 30 minute loop or go in the back horse trail for a real 4 miler. Lots to see and the parker rangers are very friendly.