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mountain biking
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One of the best trails I have found... The other trails were closed cause of all the rain.... This one was fun though... Definitely coming back and doing it again... Fun

Dark Mountain is the oldest of the trail systems at W. Kerr Scott Reservoir. It was designated a National Recreation Trail in 2005. It is maintained for mountain biking, but it is a nice series of trails for hiking as well. The network features a double-track Core Trail that climbs a short distance and then turns back to follow the ridge. There are many numbered single-track loops that wind up and down the ridge, taking you through the mature forest of poplars and pine trees. I saw lots of blooming mountain laurel on my recent hike. I completed the Core Trail, adding Trail 4 at the furthest point and Trail 6 to cut back down to the lower loop for a total of 3.4 miles and a little over 300 feet of elevation. You can park at the overlook, with a wonderful view of the lake and the dam...or you can park in the lot down closer to the trailhead.

Monday, December 09, 2013