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9 days ago

It's a nice trail with good views of the lake. It is very easy to follow with the exception of the area near the boat ramp (you have to cross a large parking lot to pick the trail back up). The major drawback to this trail was the trash. There are campsites along the lake and many had been trashed over the weekend. There were beer cans everywhere and one group appeared to have put a whole camping chair in the fire and left it. Personally I think things like that take away from the experience, but overall it was still a decent hike.

16 days ago

Really nice hike - well marked except at the Cove Boat Ramp. We exited the woods and wandered around trying to find the rest of the trail. We eventually did though - took about 2 1/2 hours. Pretty and very few people on it. Unfortunately there is some litter near the trailheads which spoiled the hike a little for me.

Sign posted, trail until further notice.

Nice Hike. While I was on my hike I ran into two surveyors by a low bridge middle ways through the hike and the let me know that the trail would be closed the following week. I do not know how long the trail will be closed.Today was 04/17/2018.

2 months ago

Fairly easy trail mostly along the shoreline of Badin Lake. Keep an eye on the trail as there are many small rocks and roots to trip you up.

3 months ago

Nice hike, the views weren’t amazing but parts near the lake and river were nice. Fun wildlife lots of spring peepers, snakes, and ground skinks

Started at the Town of Troy Nature Trail 24/27 trailhead. Followed orange blazes to the dam, was a bit over grown. Made a left and then turned left into the woods and followed the white blazes for the Densons Creek Nature Trail. Then followed the orange and white blazes back to the logging road and back to the orange blaze trail to the car. Nice hike.

4 months ago

Good stuff would love to come back and do a solo overnight and maybe even take advantage of the lake in the warmer months ahead.

6 months ago

I enjoyed this trail. I got to the Cove Boat Ramp area around 12:30PM, had my dog along with me, and didn't see a single person for the entirety of our hike. I imagine it would be prettier in the spring or summer, but regardless of season, the trail has a nice balance of wood/lake views. The only reason I'm giving it four stars is there were a few points where the markers were difficult to spot. I walked through several spider webs, but I'm happy to take that in exchange for a quiet, peaceful trek and lovely scenery :)

6 months ago

We loved this trail! Over 1/2 of the trail was along the lake and the rest were in beautiful wooded hills. The only difficulty in the hike was the length of the trek. Look forward to doing it again in the spring.

6 months ago

What a great hike! We were completely disorganized today and didn't get started on the hike till around 3 or 3:30. The trail has lots of nice fresh white blazes today, so no worries about losing the trail, although we did have to look sharp a time or two when the trail turned but we didn't. It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so we weren't the only ones on the trail, but there were moments of pure quiet, of wind in the trees and nothing else, and we city folk don't get that often. There are pit toilets at a couple of points on the walk, and we parked at a picnic area (something Point) and there was drinking water we could pump there. Great to have a nice, hilly, woodsy hike with views of a beautiful lake!

Definitely not an easy hike in terms of terrain. I would not suggest it for young children, beginners or the elderly. Otherwise fine for everyone else. It does pass the highway for a stretch, but pretty views most everywhere else. There are several changes in the forest throughout. Not a steady uphill climb, lots of up and downs, roots and rocks. Not an active trail, lightly trafficked. I encountered a snake within the first mile.

8 months ago

Nice trail, mostly along the water. Beautiful views!

Comfortable hike. Good parking and toilet facilities by the fishing pier. Plenty of picnic sites by the water. Saw some wildlife and hardly any people. A beautiful spot.

Great hike. Didn't see a single person.

9 months ago

I have done this loop a couple times now with my dog, leaving from both the Badin Lake Campground and the Arrowhead Campground. It is an easy to moderate hike with easy to follow white blazes. This hike can be accomplished by almost any healthy adult and would be good for children.

There are some nice views of Badin Lake, and several spots to wade into the water or cast a line, if you are so inclined. There are several camping spots cleared along the trail. Some are in great condition and some have trash strewn about. Wildlife is what you would expect. We have never failed to flush multiple herons from their lakeside perches. Another review mentioned heavy spider webs. I had not found that to be the case in the past, but on my most recent hike in August I ran into a ton of webs beginning at Badin Lake Campground and for about mile North of there.

My favorite part of this trail is the section just North of King's Mountain Point, so if you are unsure of taking on the whole hike or just want to get a feel for the Uwharrie Forest, you can park at King's Mountain (where they have a fishing pier, bathrooms, picnic tables, and a well pump) and head out from there, then return.

In addition to King's Mountain Point, the trail passes through Badin Lake and Arrowhead CGs, where bathrooms and water refills are available. As a result, you can probably get away with starting out carrying as little as a liter of water per person, provided you refill at some point(s).

10 months ago

Park at Cove Boat Ramp parking area. The lake view is nice. Great way to get up close and personal with nature. I met LOTS of spiders in their webs. Lots of animals and insects to see and hear. Trail is very poorly marked in places. Trail goes through people's campsites which is awkward. Tons of trash especially at all the empty camp sites. Hard to keep my usual minimum 3 mile an hour pace due to the terrain. Nice to visit once. Due to the insane amount of spiderwebs, poor markers and constant trash I don't feel the need to go back. Also some of the roads to access the parking had large potholes.

Very good trail and campground. I highly recommend if you want less people and noise and more forest.

Some pretty views, but tons of trash.

Death by cobwebs! Not one of Uwharrie's better trails. I was the only one on the trail on the 4th of July.

Friday, June 02, 2017

First time hiking the trail. My GF and I wanted to do something close but longer than her normal walk around the local reservoir. We took the dog and she normally is tired after 2 miles but she did really well. We hiked about 3/4s of the trail before turning around. We plan to go back and hike the whole trail again. For the most part the trail is clearly marked. There is one spot towards the beginning of the trail where the bridge is down and doesn't span the chasm. There are some tree limbs that are sturdy enough to walk across but you have to be careful. I team of about 4 should go and fix the bridge though. Other than that we saw some turtles and the rapids from the stream was soothing.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

We hike this trail often mainly because we live just a few miles from the Roy Maness end. We love this trail for the many diversities it offers. If you only have time for a loop around city lake or take in the whole trail you will find it enjoyable. Nice mt bike trail if you like to bike as well. Happy hiking.

Saturday, April 08, 2017

If you like your trails a little rough and wild then this is for you. Lots of up and downs, creeks, a river. Note when you get to the stone bridge, the trail turns left up the road. The trail to the dam is closed.

Monday, March 13, 2017

We enjoyed the hike. Significant maintenance appears to have taken place with most of the trail clear and fresh trail markings in abundance. Very early spring meant lots of extended views.

Monday, February 27, 2017

nice trail. we did the trail in 2.5 hours. very well marked.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Scenery around the lake is beautiful. The trail itself, not so much. Trail is in need of a lot of maintenance - extremely narrow - almost completely eroded into the lake in some spots. Trail markings in some areas are non-existent. Areas marked hikers only, no horses have horse droppings along the trail. Not a repeat hike.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A lovely and easy hike. The first road crossing was well marked, thanks to the Boy Scouts, but the return crossing was not as clear, and I slowly walked by the side of the highway until I found it. Other than this small glitch, it was a very enjoyable hike on a perfect autumn day.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Hiking on this trail was enjoyable, as it was a hike after all.

That being said, don't bother, go somewhere else. There were giant spider webs every 20 feet, and the trail was not marked well. There were several times when we had to guess which direction to go in as there were no signs, and several trails going in different directions.

Kind of a dingy place to drive through as well, we won't be back, altho im still glad we tried it.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

This was a great hike, I did the 2.2 mile loop. It is obvious though that this location is not hiked often, that being said I cleared all the spiderwebs off the trail for you. I liked that is a little overgrown in areas and its like you away from the hustle and bustle of the normal world.
Its also worth mentioning that I hiked this with my almost 2 year old, so it is not very difficult.

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